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Beaufighter  V8501 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Beaufighter  V8501


DateAircraftUnitPilot NameLocation
05 Apr 44 Beaufighter VI V8501 176 Sqdn Fg Offr Leonard John SUMMERS (414871)
Fg Offr R A DUNN(J/20415
Chittagong India
RemarksCrashed into a gun position just off he runway when his engine cut going round again. Aircrew taken to hospital . aircraft is a write offORB

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Aircraft Losses Database Corrections[B]Beaufighter VI V8501 and F/O LJ Summers 414871[/B] shown at [url][/url] [url][/url] NAA record cited +ORB cited. 1. V8501 and Summers attributed incorrectly as 211 Squadron 2. The form of words re V8501 is in fact not as shown in the 176 Sqn ORB, ref below, but a poor summary of the NAA accts. NAA A9300 SUMMERS L J 414871 clearly records Summers as last operational posting to 176 Sqn RAF, from Jan 44 [url][/url] Folios 5c to 6a give a better account of the 5 Apr accident than the brief note of the A705, below. NAA Cas file A705, 166/38/485 f1A clearly records: Beaufighter Mk VI V850 (sic) [later as V8501] 176 Sqn Detachment, Summers and Nav/R Can J20415 F/O RA Dunn both injured (f1A) then f4A: Summers facial injuries, Dunn bruises, both admitted 68 IGH Chittagong (not SI list) [later A9300 ffs record Summers facial injuries as severe]. [url][/url] Halley, Air Britain [I]RAF Aircraft T1000-V9999 [/I] clearly records V8501 as Mark VIF (not X) and finally as 176 Sqn, engine cut on overshoot, yawed and hit gun pit Chittagong 5 Apr 44 Confirmed by UK NA 176 Squadron Form 540 Summary of Events AIR 27/1113/7 Image 3 [url][/url] Note also odd formation of A/craft serials in F541 as Xnnnn commonly. Can this be fixed, please? V8501 is a Mark VIF, not a Mark X, of 176 Sqn not 211 Sqn, crew Summers RAAF + Dunn RCAF as above ....Read More.Don Clark on 13th September 2023 01:58:47

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