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Whitley V  Z9144 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Whitley V  Z9144

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Flight Lieutenant Krishna DANDEKER (177755) AG W/OP - DFCHello, More on Dandeker: Sgt K Dandeker was a W.Op-AG aboard No.51 Sqn Whitley Z9144:MH-O, which attacked and damaged U-256, on 31 August, 1942: 68187 F/L (Pilot) Edward O'Connor TANDY R/67735 F/Sgt (2nd Pilot) Lawrence O'Neill WEAKLEY RCAF - + 27/28-1-1943 No.51 Sqn Halifax II DT721 - BCL4/28 Sgt (Obs.) W J MUSSEN 930293 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Krishna DANDEKER 754978 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Eric Victor John PURNELL - PoW 27/28-1-1943 No.51 Sqn Halifax II DT721 - BCL4/28 (later P/O 136323). 1193714 Sgt (Air Gnr.) Robert George SHARLAND - + 27/28-4-194 No.156 Sqn Lancaster III ND509 - BCL5/197- (DFC - 51 Sqn [138832] LG:14-9-1943 p.4079). See: Swift and Sure:Eighty Years of No.51 Squadron RAF (York's Own Squadron) Ford,Keith S. Warrington:Compaid Graphics,1997 pp.129-130 and... Search, Find and Kill. Franks,Norman London:Grub Street,1995. pp.96-7 Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 5th July 2014 01:23:15
Flight Lieutenant Krishna DANDEKER (177755) AG W/OP - DFC[QUOTE=Jagan;100858] Now for his date and circumstances behind first bale out? A photograph? His family background?[/QUOTE] AIR 27/491/48 51 Sqdn Date: 1941 Sept 01 - 1941 Sept 30 [URL][/URL] Page 8 29-9-41 Z9144 Crew: Plt Offr Potter, Towsey, Sgt Wootton, Sgt Brandshaw, Sgt Dandekar. Bombing TO 1847 Down 0515 Ac took off at 1847 and attacked stettin. Stbd engine cut over target area and bombs fell on edge of town . Aircraft returned to england and crew baled out near Catfoss due to petrol shortage. Captain crash landed at Catfoss, All crew safe. Landed at 0515 Dandekar returned to ops in March 1942 Now Z9144 is also quoted in Colins post at [URL][/URL] tying it to 31.8.42 on Checking [URL][/URL] for 31st August, the aircraft IS Z9144 What are the chances!? ....Read More.Jagan on 15th December 2019 03:53:54
Flight Lieutenant Krishna DANDEKER (177755) AG W/OP - DFCJagan, Now that you've re-opened this thread, I will take the opportunity to correct an error in Post # 4. (No.51 Sqn Whitley V Z9144): The Navigator is actually, 1167255 Sgt (Nav.) William John MUSSON RAFVR. Later DFM, LG: 11/6/43 - (146999). Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 15th December 2019 11:40:58

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