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This is a database of all RAF aircraft serial numbers. Currently this covers the J - ZZ series that were active from the 1930s till date. This tool helps identify the possible aircraft based on the serial number patterns. The data in this page is based on this forum post made by Ross McNeill and by the book on RAF serials by Bruce Robertson. Data for series A - H are not on this page. There is currently no plan to update them.

Update Dec 2018: The Serials Database is now linked to the CWGC Unaccounted Airman Database. Individual aircraft pages now show the crew members associated with it when fatalities occured.

Update Nov 2018: We have enhanced the search feature by linking forum posts where serials of individual aircraft are mentioned.

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There are a total of 343074 Records in this database.
51372 have been indexed from the forum posts.
38377 serials have accidents, losses or incidents recorded from the SEAC Losses, AIR81 and the CWGC Database.
1849 individual aircraft Images are available

RAF Aircraft Vengeance Serials

Records Found: 318
318 Records
FD100 - Vengeance III
FD101 - Vengeance III
FD102 - Vengeance III
FD103 - Vengeance III
FD104 - Vengeance III
FD105 - Vengeance III 1 Forum Posts
FD106 - Vengeance III
FD107 - Vengeance III
FD108 - Vengeance III
FD109 - Vengeance III
FD110 - Vengeance III
FD111 - Vengeance III
FD112 - Vengeance III
FD113 - Vengeance III
FD114 - Vengeance III
FD115 - Vengeance III
FD116 - Vengeance III
FD117 - Vengeance III
FD118 - Vengeance IV
FD119 - Vengeance IV
FD120 - Vengeance IV
FD121 - Vengeance IV
FD122 - Vengeance IV
FD123 - Vengeance IV
FD124 - Vengeance IV
FD125 - Vengeance IV
FD126 - Vengeance IV
FD127 - Vengeance IV
FD128 - Vengeance IV
FD129 - Vengeance IV
FD130 - Vengeance IV
FD131 - Vengeance IV
FD132 - Vengeance IV
FD133 - Vengeance IV
FD134 - Vengeance IV
FD135 - Vengeance IV
FD136 - Vengeance IV
FD137 - Vengeance IV
FD138 - Vengeance IV
FD139 - Vengeance IV
FD140 - Vengeance IV
FD141 - Vengeance IV
FD142 - Vengeance IV
FD143 - Vengeance IV
FD144 - Vengeance IV
FD145 - Vengeance IV
FD146 - Vengeance IV
FD147 - Vengeance IV
FD148 - Vengeance IV
FD149 - Vengeance IV
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