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Sergeant George SCOTT (978133) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Wellington III HF673
 Forum Post

Death of Death 1943-02-05

Served in 1 OADU

Burial/Commemoration Details : Panel 164. at Runnymede Memorial, United Kingdom (Map)

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National Archives AIR81 - Fuzzy Search

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/21347Sergeant A C De (Indian), Flying Officer H L Martin, Sergeant R McKenzie, Sergeant G Scott, Sergeant E H J Groves: missing believed killed; Wellington HF673, 1 Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit, aircraft failed to complete transit flight, Portreath, Gibraltar, 5 February 1943.C18306892

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date: 05 Feb 43 Aircraft: Wellington III HF673 Unit 1 OADU Airfield /Crash Location , UK/Sea
SourceHenk Welting's Database
Aircrew details
Recorded in CWGC
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantAmar Chandra DE (917035) Wellington III HF673  IBCC 1943-02-0521 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantErnest Henry Joseph GROVES (1316856) Wellington III HF673  Forum Post 1943-02-051 OADU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flying OfficerHerbert Leslie MARTIN (126881) Wellington III HF673  Forum Post 1943-02-051 OADU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantRoy McKENZIE (930769) Wellington III HF673  IBCC 1943-02-0521 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantGeorge SCOTT (978133) Wellington III HF673  Forum Post 1943-02-051 OADU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial

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February 1943 1Hi All As with January I'm looking for confirmations for February, but I'll put them in fewer messages to save moving other threads down. This batch covers 1 - 5 Feb 2 Feb 1943 Mosquito II, DD665 or Mosquito II, DD785 of No 264 Sqn Plt Off FULLER, SYDNEY BEN DFM (49572) RAF; age: 28 3 Feb 1943 Spitfire VB, ER720 of No 241 Sqn Flt Lt FURNISS, PATRICK DUNN (41994) RAF; age: 26 Spitfire VC, EE770, EN336 or ER851 of No 243 Sqn Fg Off AUSTIN, STANLEY MAURICE (113412) RAFVR; age: 20 Sgt McATEER, JOHN GILMORE (1143473) RAFVR; age: 26 4 Feb 1943 Beaufighter VI, EL405 of No 235 Sqn Fg Off GALLIMORE, DUDLEY STUART (121471) RAFVR; age: 26 Fg Off WOOLLARD, JOHN KENNETH (123051) RAFVR; age: ? Beaufighter VIC, JL450 or JL454 of No 236 Sqn Fg Off TREADWELL, ALFRED HENRY ARTHUR (124245) RAFVR; age: ? Sqn Ldr LEWIS, WILLIAM EDWARD LAWLEY AFC (29038) RAF; age: ? Sgt MURRAY, CHARLES (619197) RAF; age: 24 Sgt WALLIS, JACK BERNARD (656569) RAFVR; age: 24 Baltimore II, AG822 of No 1437 Flt KOSTER, SYDNEY ORFORD (1165634) RAFVR; age: 27 5 Feb 1943 Wellington VIII, HX653 of No 172 Sqn Sgt FAUX, JOHN GREGORY (1266731) RAFVR; age: 22 Sgt FRANCIS, JOSEPH ERNEST (656390) RAF; age: 21 Fg Off MYERS, JOHN NORLEY (118485) RAFVR; age: 21 Sgt PAUL, ERNEST EDWARD (1379756) RAFVR; age: 21 Sgt POLLARD, STANLEY THOMAS (657138) RAF; age: 26 Sgt WHITWELL, FRANK (1379206) RAFVR; age: 20 Beaufighter VI, T5134 of No 235 Sqn Sgt WILKINSON, WILLIAM ALFRED (1319296) RAFVR; age: 21 Beaufighter VI, JL615 of No 254 Sqn Flt Sgt MACKENZIE, ARTHUR ALLAN (1204045) RAFVR; age: 23 Flt Sgt KNIGHT, HAROLD JAMES (1325114) RAFVR; age: 23 Wellington X, HF673 of No 1 OADU Sgt GROVES, ERNEST HENRY JOSEPH (1316856) RAFVR; age: 21 Fg Off MARTIN, HERBERT LESLIE (126881) RAFVR; age: 21 Sgt SCOTT, GEORGE (978133) RAFVR; age: ? Beaufighter VI, X8060 of No 2 (C) OTU Flt Sgt SMITH, ALAN RODWAY (1388945) RAFVR; age: 20 Sgt BILLINGHAM, WILFRED (1233699) RAFVR; age: 21 Anson, 6650/6196 of No 9 AOS LAC BOWLER, JOHN THOMAS (1355815) RAFVR; age: 26 All the best Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 23rd November 2011 01:51:41
Pilot Sergeant George W Scott 19 and 64 sqn - BoBJohn George Scott was my commanding officer when I flew with 124 Squadron in 1945. I feel I should correct one point amongst Paul's information: contrary to the information in 'Men of The Battle of Britain', 124 Squadron was not flying Mosquitos at the time, it was flying Spitfire IX HFs. We were undertaking dive-bombing operations against the V2 rocket launching sites near The Hague in Holland. If you would like more information on these sorties, my son has contributed to 124 Squadron's Wikipedia entry, and you can take it that the information on this aspect of 124's activities is accurate. 124 Squadron was posted to RAF Hutton Cranswick, Yorkshire, for squadron training, on 27 April. George Scott as S/L signed off my monthly total of flying hours and logbook entries at the end of May, but by the end of June, the C/O of 124 was S/L Harrison. If you would like any more information on Squadron Leader Scott I will do my best to reply. Keith Lawrence. ....Read More.Keith Lawrence on 25th January 2016 04:44:56
Spitfire HF IX serial PV312, 124 SqnHello John and John I am one of Keith's sons, and am sitting with my father and looking at your replies. John B - I'm sorry we can't help, and John Engelsted is amongst your best sources for this type of information. Unless Keith flew a particular aircraft, it would not of course appear in his logbook, so we can't help with this query. John E - good to hear from you again. I agree that one of the logbook entries does look more like an O than a D, but the others are clearer, even if the handwritten entries have small script. So, an easy mistake to make. John B - stating the obvious, George Scott's logbook would of course be your best source, but I assume that this is not available to you. Are you or your son-in-law aware of the Operations Records Books (ORBs) of all (most?) WW2 squadrons, available in The National Archives in London and on-line? If not, for the payment of a small fee, you may find some very interesting information on the sorties flown by 124 Squadron in the ORB. Best wishes, Geoff L, on behalf of Keith. ....Read More.Keith Lawrence on 27th January 2016 11:02:26
Pilot Sergeant George W Scott 19 and 64 sqn - BoBJohn Do you have a copy of the squadron photo? In Keith's logbook there is a squadron photo taken in March 1945 at RAF Coltishall. It shows 23 squadron members standing and sitting in front of a Spitfire IX, in similar fashion to a school photo. In the centre of the middle row, beneath the spinner, is the C/O, Squadron Leader George Scott (known to his pilots as Scotty). In his logbook Keith has, alongside the photo, named all those who were present when the photo was taken (five pilots were 'not present' on the day of the photo). If you don't have a copy of this photo, I will do my best to let you have a copy, but would prefer to do this from my home, under my own forum name and email address. I hope that I could do this in the next week or so. Please let us know whether you already have this photo, or whether you would like me to scan and send it to you. I don't know the mechanics of learning your email address through this Forum, but I expect I can work it out... All the best, Geoff and Keith L. ....Read More.Keith Lawrence on 27th January 2016 08:26:03
Pilot Sergeant George W Scott 19 and 64 sqn - BoBJohn The width of the photo plus the list of pilots is wider than an A4 landscape sheet, so I can't do it 'in one go' on my scanner. I'll borrow the original of Keith's logbook and take it to a stationers when I've got time and get an A3 scan, which will give a better result. Paul's Men of the Battle extract mentioned that George Scott had been an Instructor at the Central Gunnery School at RAF Sutton Bridge. I've got some info on this that may be of interest, but I'll make it a separate thread, as it's better covered under its own heading because other forum members may well have some additional information which might otherwise get missed. Keith is interested to know what postings George may have had in addition to instructing at the CGS, after being commissioned and up to the start of the dive-bombing of the V2 sites in February 1945. We are assuming that you are not in possession of George's Flying Logbook? Another point is that the 'Men of the Battle' extract mentions Mosquitos, but the Wikipedia page on 124 [not the section I contributed] makes no mention of Mosquitos – in fact it appears from this that 124 flew Spitfires (of one Mark or another) from May 1941 to April 1945. All the best, Geoff and Keith L. ....Read More.Keith Lawrence on 28th January 2016 09:42:19
Pilot Sergeant George W Scott 19 and 64 sqn - BoBHello, Some incidental info on George Scott, from the literature: 1/ No.133 (Eagle) Squadron - Appendix I - Squadron and Flight Commanders. B Flight - F/L George W SCOTT - RAF No.62257 - 18.8.41 - 02.09.41 See: No.133 (Eagle) Squadron 1941 - 1942. Listemann,Phil H. France:Philedition,2010. p.3 2/ Presentation Spitfire Vb AR323 "SPITHEAD BILLY". The aircraft (AR323), was allotted on 24 May (1944), to No.130 (Punjab) Sqn, based at Horne in preparation for the D-Day landings where it would maintain patrols over the invasion beachhead. On 12 June Category A damaged was suffered when AR323 was taxied into by Flg Off G. G. Earp in BL925, Flt Lt Scott* being unhurt. See: Gifts of War. Boot,Henry & Ray Sturtivant. Tonbridge:Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd.,2010 pp.297-8 * Presumably, George Scott. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 29th January 2016 11:33:07
1941 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationFaragher J V 100515 1941-01-17 Died on active service [url][/url] Clubb George Wallace 95631 1941-01-28 Died of epithelioma of unirary bladder and rectal abscess [url][/url] De Jager Henderik Jacobus P/5894 1941-02-06 Accidental death [url][/url] Pieterse David Jacobus 101252 1941-02-09 Died of pulmonary embolism [url][/url] Rodger Albert William 97296 1941-03-11 Died in motor accident, near Gwelo [url][/url] Hawkes Edward Wingrave 209407 1941-04-12 Died at home [url][/url] MacIntosh Ernest Cecil 99989 1941-05-14 Died on active service [url][/url] Vorster C J 210460 1941-05-18 Accidentally killed [url][/url] Rose-Price Thomas Robert Frederick 98373 1941-05-21 Died at Johannesburg General Hospital [url][/url] Pelser Stefanus 105506 1941-06-02 Died on active service [url][/url] Miles Marjorie Genevive Berichen F/263548 1941-06-14 Died on active service [url][/url] Eaton Leslie George Scott 99522 1941-06-30 Died on active service [url][/url] Rea William James 100226 1941-06-30 Died in motor accident, on Pretoria-Voortrekkerhoogte road [url][/url] Smith Nornam (Nachum) Leyb 236883 1941-07-02 Died on active service [url][/url] Derham William Grimley 171212 1941-07-07 Died of injuries, received in motor accident [url][/url] Jackson George Sydney 142501 1941-07-07 Died on active service [url][/url] Jacobs A S 116398 1941-07-13 Died on active service [url][/url] Van Eeden G J 177693 1941-07-15 Died on active service [url][/url] Randall M P F/262537 1941-07-24 Died on active service [url][/url] Wilkinson Gwendoline E F/46978 1941-07-28 Died of accidental discharge of machine gun fire [url][/url] Liebenberg A J 94096 1941-08-01 Died on active service [url] ....Read More.Luc Vervoort on 19th April 2020 10:18:58
1941 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationEaton Leslie George Scott 99522 1941-06-30 Died on active service [url][/url] His Probate is on FamilySearch - Says he died on way to Hospital - he was with 1 Air Depot at the time and says at Roberts Heights and the death cert at the end says 'Died of injuries received as a result of Motor Accident' ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 21st April 2020 09:31:59
F/O Irving Scott, wounded April 1945 over Germany?Hi, The Pilot Officer with 315 Sqdn was 1348124 Elgin George SCOTT (188124). [url][/url] Regards Mojmir ....Read More.vrajm on 27th September 2022 05:26:33
Seeking ID of 165 Sqn. pilotsI am looking to further ID the following pilots of 165 Sqn. F/Sgt. G.S. Cameron [possibly 1369116 George Scott Cameron] Sgt. A.J. Osborne [possibly Albert James Osborne NZ 414667] P/O Harold Lawrence Pederson RAF Service No.? [American - transferred to USAAF and KiA 4.2.43 with 52 FG] Grateful for any input. Regards, Tom Semenza ....Read More.Tom Semenza on 15th December 2023 02:17:58
February 1943 1Malcolm, 2 Feb 1943 - I've FULLER on DD665 but only for reason that DD665 crashed ¼ mile W of Bishops Waltham, Hants., and the pilot of DD785 "abandoned" his aircraft; crashed Chase Farm, Martin, Fordingbridge, Hants., and may have survived. 3 Feb 1943 - FURNISS not (yet) in my files but ER720 may be correct as this was the only 241 Sqn loss (Missing from tactical reconnaissance 10 miles W of Kairouan, Tunisia). 3 Feb 1943 - AUSTIN and McATEER are both still on my unaccounted list. Agree that EE770, EN336 and ER851 were shot down by FW 190s near Kairouan. 4 Feb 1943 - I've GALLIMORE and WOOLLARD on T5134. Only WOOLLARD sofar confirmed by Ross. (Ross: Assumed to have crashed into sea on a transit flight back to Leuchars). Perhaps Ross could tell us about GALLIMORE. 4 Feb 1943 - I've TREADWELL and LEWIS on JL454 (confirmed by Ross). 4 Feb 1943 - I've MURRAY and WALLIS on JL450 (confirmed by Ross). 5 Feb 1943 - Also have KOSTER on AG822. 5 Feb 1943 - Agree with crew on Wellington HX653. 5 Feb 1943 - WILKINSON and T5134: refer to 4 Feb 1943 (GALLIMORE & WOOLLARD) mentioned above. I've WILKINSON and Sgt Ronald J. BARKHAM (1317383) on Beaufighter EL405 (confirmed by Ross). 5 Feb 1943 - MacKENZIE and KNIGHT indeed on JL615 (confirmed by Ross). 5 Feb 1943 - Also have GROVES, MARTIN and SCOTT on Wellington HF673 but also Sgt (Pilot) Amar Chandra DE - 917035 and Sgt (Nav) Roy MacKENZIE - 930769, resp. on Panels 140 and 158 of the Runnymede Memorial. 5 Feb 1943 - X8060 and crew SMITH, BILLINGHAM also in my files. 5 Feb 1943 - Serial was 6196. Besides BOWLER also killed in this incident: Civilian pilot Mr. D. STILL (under contract RCAF); LAC (Nav u/t) James C. BELL - RNZAF NZ422580 and LAC (Nav u/t) Edward R. CRUMP - RCAF R/142171 (confirmed by Errol Martin in FYT Vol.2 page 60 and Les Allison in TSGNO page 156). Crashed twixt St.Luc and Chambly about 3½ km NNW of St.Jean, Prov. Québec, 10.15 AM. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 24th November 2011 05:06:26

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