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Airman Gustay DIETRICHSON () of the Norwegian Air Force

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Lancaster BI PA285

Death of Death 1945-04-20

Served in 622 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Coll. grave 5. G. 18-20. at Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany (Map)

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London Gazette Entries

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NumberName /Text London Gazette Details
10021th Jan*946 F ANDERSONLondon Gazette supplement : 37541 , Dated 1946-04-19 , Download #37541
10025H P BRIDGESLondon Gazette supplement : 37280 , Dated 1945-09-21 , Download #37280
10025H P BRIDGESLondon Gazette supplement : 37651 , Dated 1946-07-12 , Download #37651
10025H P BRIDGESLondon Gazette supplement : 37447 , Dated 1946-01-25 , Download #37447
10029Wg Cdr F E J COATESLondon Gazette supplement : 36207 , Dated 1943-10-08 , Download #36207
10038EQUIPMENT BRANCH Retirement Wg Cdr W C GREEN M CLondon Gazette supplement : 36882 , Dated 1945-01-05 , Download #36882
10038Wilfrid Charles GREEN M CLondon Gazette issue : 34765 , Dated 1940-01-02 , Download #34765
10038W C Green M CLondon Gazette issue : 35525 , Dated 1942-04-14 , Download #35525
10039V J B JACOBSLondon Gazette supplement : 36223 , Dated 1943-10-22 , Download #36223
10043Fit Lt D McBiRNEYLondon Gazette supplement : 36653 , Dated 1944-08-11 , Download #36653
10043Len WYNNE OWENLondon Gazette issue : 34982 , Dated 1940-10-29 , Download #34982
10043Len WYNNE OWENLondon Gazette issue : 34984 , Dated 1940-11-01 , Download #34984
10065E V BASHFORDLondon Gazette issue : 35343 , Dated 1941-11-11 , Download #35343
10068A S BERRYLondon Gazette supplement : 37447 , Dated 1946-01-25 , Download #37447
10070Flying Officer William Henry BOWDENLondon Gazette issue : 35171 , Dated 1941-05-23 , Download #35171
10073Kenneth Dowsett Gould COLLIERLondon Gazette issue : 34831 , Dated 1940-04-16 , Download #34831
10073K D G COLLIERLondon Gazette issue : 35525 , Dated 1942-04-14 , Download #35525
10076H T H COPELANDLondon Gazette supplement : 37108 , Dated 1945-06-01 , Download #37108
10080J H DALELondon Gazette supplement : 37269 , Dated 1945-09-14 , Download #37269
10083Retirement Wg Cdr D W DEANLondon Gazette supplement : 37336 , Dated 1945-11-02 , Download #37336

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date: 20 Apr 45 Aircraft: Lancaster I PA285 Unit 622 Sqdn Airfield /Crash Location , Germany
DetailsTook off 0957 for a daylight attack on a fuel storage depot. Hit by Flak and partially abandoned before crashing at Burgweinting 5 km SE from the centre of Regensburg.
SourceHenk Welting's Database
Aircrew details
Recorded in CWGC
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
AirmanGustay DIETRICHSON () Lancaster BI PA285  IBCC 1945-04-20622 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Flight SergeantJohn Edward HULLAND (1410959) Air Gunner Lancaster BI PA285  IBCC 1945-04-20622 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
SergeantRichard Wallace REID (1826182) Flight Engi Lancaster BI PA285  IBCC 1945-04-20622 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Flight LieutenantVictor Stanley ROBBINS (136689) Pilot Lancaster BI PA285  IBCC 1945-04-20622 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Flying OfficerBruce Fredric SCOTT (421536) Air Bomber Lancaster BI PA285  IBCC 1945-04-20622 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Flying OfficerHubert Abram SMITH (175274) Wireless Op Lancaster BI PA285  IBCC 1945-04-20622 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery

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Royal Norwegian Air Force aircrew serving 76 Sqn RAF during WWIIWould someone kindly help me translate this article? It seems to be about the Royal Norwegian Air Force serving in the Royal Air Force on 76 Sqn during WWII, their operations and their fate. I am in the last stages of compiling biographies on Squadron, Flight Commanders of 76 Sqn from 1916 to 2011 and while recently attending the disbandment parade of 76 Sqn at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, (12 May) I discovered there was once a Norwegian flight on 76 Sqn during 1944. This would make sense of a set of photos I have of airmen dressed in an unusual uniform at Holme-on-Spalding Moor, receiving decorations but alas they were untitled. I found this article on the internet in Norwegian:- "76 Squadron, kort historie 4 Group bestod i 1943 av 10 skvadroner bl. a. 76 Squadron. Tjeneste Etter flere mislykkede forsk tidlig under krigen, ble skvadronen operasjonell i 4 Group ved Middleton St George i juni 1941 og fortsatte operasjoner med Halifax. Mesteparten av skvadronen ble sendt til Midt-sten i juli 1942 og ble fordelt til andre enheter, men den delen som ble igjen i England ble gjenoppbygget og fortsatte fly Halifax i 4 Group hele krigen og var stasjonert ved Linon-on-Ouse og Holme-on-Spalding Moor. Operasjonell ytelse Antall raid: Halifax &#8211; 376 bomberaid, 17 minelegginger, 3 flyveblad = 396 raid Avganger og tap: Halifax &#8211; 5123 avganger, 139 fly tapt (2.7%), 16 delagt i krasj. Av spesiell interesse Gjennomfrte flere bomberaid enn noen annen Halifax skvadron. Slapp Bomber Commands frste 8000-lb bombe over Essen, 10/11 april 1942. Mannskap tapt: 787 drept i kamp eller dde av skader, 278 krigsfanger, 27 som klarte flykte. Bestod av en flight norsk mannskap under Halifaxperioden Norske i 76 Squadron tildelt Krigskorset Gunnar Halle, Hallvard Kjell Vikholt, Kre Stenwig, Knut Lindaas, Gunnr Hverstad, Fridtjof Sverud Girtz. Flyvpenets falne 1940-1945, Bomber Command, RAF 76 Squadron, ddsdato angitt bak, se vedlegg om nordmenn i 76 Squadron. Anundskaas, Tor, 21/1-44 Johansen, Finn Magnus, Knut Baade Bjercke, Arne Reidar, 29/7-43 Hausvik, Johannes Moe, Tycho Didrik Castberg Bjry, Haakon Granly Hulthin, Leif Erik Woodrow,13/7-43 Mnster, Christian Andreas Breivik, Per Hverstad, Gunnar * Nss, Bjrn Hkon, 17/1-43 Bugge, Jan Otto Richard Haagensen, Finn Osnes, Arthur Gustav, 22/9-43 <span style="background:yellow">Dietrichson</span>, Gustav Indseth, Bjarne, 17/1-43 Pedersen, aare Eckhoff, Niels Stockflet Darre, 3/10-43 Jespersen, Birger Fjaervoll, 22/9-43 Plathe, Victor Minichen Evensen, John Ernst Herolf Jean-Hansen, Chr. Fredr. Johannes Smedsaas, Ottar Evensen, Niels ChristianKarsmann, Rolf Gunnar Svein, Herman Hirch Becker Flaaten, Othmar Lorentz Lindahl, Rolf von Tangen, Jan Gert Gulliksen, Walter Hartmann Lindaas, Knut, 25/11-43 Utne, Rolf Varde, Finn" Any further information on the Norwegians, perhaps recommended books to read, experts to contact etc would be greatly appreciated, Thank you Norman ....Read More.namrondooh on 3rd July 2011 04:14:17
Where are they remembered ?Alex Vast majority of Norwegians were repatriated to Norway and handed over to their family so even the Norwegian War Graves Service can't tell you where they are buried. 15 remain in CWGC graveyards, mostly were lost with the Norwegian squadrons but I have found Gustav <span style="background:yellow">Dietrichson</span> lost with 622 Squadron on 20/04/1945 in Durnbach and Leif Eric Woodrow Hulthin lost with 76 Squadron on 22/10/1943 buried in Hanover Cemetery. ....Read More.John Larder on 28th February 2018 09:11:28

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