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Section Officer Irene WATSON (V/30285) of the Royal Canadian Air Force (Women's Division)

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Catalina RCAF 9834
 Forum Post

Death of Death 1943-11-08

Served in 116 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Panel 3. Column 1. at Ottawa Memorial, Canada (Map)

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Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date: 08 Nov 43 Aircraft: Canso A RCAF 9834 Unit 116 BR Sqdn RCA Airfield /Crash Location , Canada/Sea
SourceHenk Welting's Database
Aircrew details
Recorded in CWGC
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Warrant Officer Class IMandel Max EPSTEIN (R/104789) Catalina RCAF 9834  Forum Post 1943-11-08116 Sqdn AIR27 CanadaOttawa Memorial
Wing CommanderRalph Royden INGS (C/27599) Catalina RCAF 9834  Forum Post 1943-11-08116 Sqdn AIR27 CanadaOttawa Memorial
Pilot OfficerRobert Flemming LOWTHER (J/41907) Catalina RCAF 9834  Forum Post 1943-11-08116 Sqdn AIR27 CanadaOttawa Memorial
SergeantEric John MILLS (R/184018) Catalina RCAF 9834  Forum Post 1943-11-08116 Sqdn AIR27 CanadaOttawa Memorial
Flight LieutenantJoseph Coates REDMOND (J/5072) Catalina RCAF 9834  Forum Post 1943-11-08116 Sqdn AIR27 CanadaOttawa Memorial
Section OfficerIrene WATSON (V/30285) Catalina RCAF 9834  Forum Post 1943-11-08116 Sqdn AIR27 CanadaOttawa Memorial

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ThreadPost TextAuthor
Maj. Kenneth Storey Morton (64114)Hello, John I don't know if you close this case, but I think your Morton was the British officer killed in the crash of the Canso 9384 of 116 Squadron RCAF at Botwood, Newfoundland. Here is what I have on the subject: On the afternoon of 8 November 1943, the twin engine Canso amphibious flying boat #9834, of 116 Squadron RCAF, Newfoundland, lifted off the waters of Botwood Harbour, and set course for Torbay airport. The aircraft carried a full war time crew of seven, under command of Pilot Officer Caines, assisted by co-pilot Hirst. Navigator Mills, Engineers Jones and Marsh, and Wireless Air Gunners Lowther and Epstien. A passenger, Pilot Officer Dalgelish, an operations officer at Botwood, and friend of the crew came along for the ride. This was a transportation flight to pick up a party of senior Officers from St John's, who were inspecting units in Newfoundland. The trip to Torbay would only take about ninety minutes and would be a welcome break from the long tiresome hours of anti submarine patrols over the North Atlantic. Everyone was looking forward to going downtown to St John's and take in the sights and sounds of the big city. It was after supper when the passengers arrived at the airport. The Command Senior Intelligence Officer, Wing Commander Ralph Ings was accompanied by Flt Lt Redmond from his own staff, and Major Morton a British Officer on loan from RAF Coastal Command. They were accompanied by Section Officer Irene Watson ,an Administrative Officer from 1 Group Hq in St Johns, who was headed to Grand Falls on Recruiting Duties. She had intended to travel by train, which meant a fourteen hour journey and arrival at Grand Falls in the middle of the night. When she learned of the Botwood aircraft trip she received permission to go to Botwood by air and then be taken by car to Grand Falls. That way she would avoid the long trip on the Newfie Bullet, arrive at her destination at a reasonable hour and get a good night's sleep in Grand Falls. There were only enough life preservers on the aircraft for the crew, so they volunteered to give theirs to any passengers who felt more secure wearing one. After becoming airborne from Torbay, Canines permitted Dalgelish who was a pilot, but not qualified on CANSO's, to take the co-pilot's seat, while Hirst joined the passengers in the "blisters", the tear shaped plexiglass ports at the back of the aircraft. Irene Watson stayed in the Navigators compartment and was given some lessons in navigation by Mills. As they approached Botwood, Canines sent word for the people at the back of the aircraft to move forward, to improve the aircraft trim for landing. They moved into the Navigators compartment and those without a seat braced themselves against the bulkheads and each other. Hirst asked if he should resume his co-pilot seat but was told it was not necessary. The Navigation compartment was crowded and Hirst was somewhat apprehensive, this would be his first landing on wat ....Read More.Laurent Rizzotti on 6th November 2014 05:38:34

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