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Sergeant Ernest Henry Joseph GROVES (1316856) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Wellington III HF673
 Forum Post

Death of Death 1943-02-05 Age : 21 years.

Served in 1 OADU

Burial/Commemoration Details : Panel 151. at Runnymede Memorial, United Kingdom (Map)


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National Archives AIR81 - Fuzzy Search

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/21347Sergeant A C De (Indian), Flying Officer H L Martin, Sergeant R McKenzie, Sergeant G Scott, Sergeant E H J Groves: missing believed killed; Wellington HF673, 1 Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit, aircraft failed to complete transit flight, Portreath, Gibraltar, 5 February 1943.C18306892

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date: 05 Feb 43 Aircraft: Wellington III HF673 Unit 1 OADU Airfield /Crash Location , UK/Sea
SourceHenk Welting's Database
Aircrew details
Recorded in CWGC
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantAmar Chandra DE (917035) Wellington III HF673  IBCC 1943-02-0521 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantErnest Henry Joseph GROVES (1316856) Wellington III HF673  Forum Post 1943-02-051 OADU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flying OfficerHerbert Leslie MARTIN (126881) Wellington III HF673  Forum Post 1943-02-051 OADU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantRoy McKENZIE (930769) Wellington III HF673  IBCC 1943-02-0521 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantGeorge SCOTT (978133) Wellington III HF673  Forum Post 1943-02-051 OADU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial

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February 1943 1Hi All As with January I'm looking for confirmations for February, but I'll put them in fewer messages to save moving other threads down. This batch covers 1 - 5 Feb 2 Feb 1943 Mosquito II, DD665 or Mosquito II, DD785 of No 264 Sqn Plt Off FULLER, SYDNEY BEN DFM (49572) RAF; age: 28 3 Feb 1943 Spitfire VB, ER720 of No 241 Sqn Flt Lt FURNISS, PATRICK DUNN (41994) RAF; age: 26 Spitfire VC, EE770, EN336 or ER851 of No 243 Sqn Fg Off AUSTIN, STANLEY MAURICE (113412) RAFVR; age: 20 Sgt McATEER, JOHN GILMORE (1143473) RAFVR; age: 26 4 Feb 1943 Beaufighter VI, EL405 of No 235 Sqn Fg Off GALLIMORE, DUDLEY STUART (121471) RAFVR; age: 26 Fg Off WOOLLARD, JOHN KENNETH (123051) RAFVR; age: ? Beaufighter VIC, JL450 or JL454 of No 236 Sqn Fg Off TREADWELL, ALFRED HENRY ARTHUR (124245) RAFVR; age: ? Sqn Ldr LEWIS, WILLIAM EDWARD LAWLEY AFC (29038) RAF; age: ? Sgt MURRAY, CHARLES (619197) RAF; age: 24 Sgt WALLIS, JACK BERNARD (656569) RAFVR; age: 24 Baltimore II, AG822 of No 1437 Flt KOSTER, SYDNEY ORFORD (1165634) RAFVR; age: 27 5 Feb 1943 Wellington VIII, HX653 of No 172 Sqn Sgt FAUX, JOHN GREGORY (1266731) RAFVR; age: 22 Sgt FRANCIS, JOSEPH ERNEST (656390) RAF; age: 21 Fg Off MYERS, JOHN NORLEY (118485) RAFVR; age: 21 Sgt PAUL, ERNEST EDWARD (1379756) RAFVR; age: 21 Sgt POLLARD, STANLEY THOMAS (657138) RAF; age: 26 Sgt WHITWELL, FRANK (1379206) RAFVR; age: 20 Beaufighter VI, T5134 of No 235 Sqn Sgt WILKINSON, WILLIAM ALFRED (1319296) RAFVR; age: 21 Beaufighter VI, JL615 of No 254 Sqn Flt Sgt MACKENZIE, ARTHUR ALLAN (1204045) RAFVR; age: 23 Flt Sgt KNIGHT, HAROLD JAMES (1325114) RAFVR; age: 23 Wellington X, HF673 of No 1 OADU Sgt GROVES, ERNEST HENRY JOSEPH (1316856) RAFVR; age: 21 Fg Off MARTIN, HERBERT LESLIE (126881) RAFVR; age: 21 Sgt SCOTT, GEORGE (978133) RAFVR; age: ? Beaufighter VI, X8060 of No 2 (C) OTU Flt Sgt SMITH, ALAN RODWAY (1388945) RAFVR; age: 20 Sgt BILLINGHAM, WILFRED (1233699) RAFVR; age: 21 Anson, 6650/6196 of No 9 AOS LAC BOWLER, JOHN THOMAS (1355815) RAFVR; age: 26 All the best Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 23rd November 2011 01:51:41
February 1943 1Malcolm, 2 Feb 1943 - I've FULLER on DD665 but only for reason that DD665 crashed ¼ mile W of Bishops Waltham, Hants., and the pilot of DD785 "abandoned" his aircraft; crashed Chase Farm, Martin, Fordingbridge, Hants., and may have survived. 3 Feb 1943 - FURNISS not (yet) in my files but ER720 may be correct as this was the only 241 Sqn loss (Missing from tactical reconnaissance 10 miles W of Kairouan, Tunisia). 3 Feb 1943 - AUSTIN and McATEER are both still on my unaccounted list. Agree that EE770, EN336 and ER851 were shot down by FW 190s near Kairouan. 4 Feb 1943 - I've GALLIMORE and WOOLLARD on T5134. Only WOOLLARD sofar confirmed by Ross. (Ross: Assumed to have crashed into sea on a transit flight back to Leuchars). Perhaps Ross could tell us about GALLIMORE. 4 Feb 1943 - I've TREADWELL and LEWIS on JL454 (confirmed by Ross). 4 Feb 1943 - I've MURRAY and WALLIS on JL450 (confirmed by Ross). 5 Feb 1943 - Also have KOSTER on AG822. 5 Feb 1943 - Agree with crew on Wellington HX653. 5 Feb 1943 - WILKINSON and T5134: refer to 4 Feb 1943 (GALLIMORE & WOOLLARD) mentioned above. I've WILKINSON and Sgt Ronald J. BARKHAM (1317383) on Beaufighter EL405 (confirmed by Ross). 5 Feb 1943 - MacKENZIE and KNIGHT indeed on JL615 (confirmed by Ross). 5 Feb 1943 - Also have GROVES, MARTIN and SCOTT on Wellington HF673 but also Sgt (Pilot) Amar Chandra DE - 917035 and Sgt (Nav) Roy MacKENZIE - 930769, resp. on Panels 140 and 158 of the Runnymede Memorial. 5 Feb 1943 - X8060 and crew SMITH, BILLINGHAM also in my files. 5 Feb 1943 - Serial was 6196. Besides BOWLER also killed in this incident: Civilian pilot Mr. D. STILL (under contract RCAF); LAC (Nav u/t) James C. BELL - RNZAF NZ422580 and LAC (Nav u/t) Edward R. CRUMP - RCAF R/142171 (confirmed by Errol Martin in FYT Vol.2 page 60 and Les Allison in TSGNO page 156). Crashed twixt St.Luc and Chambly about 3½ km NNW of St.Jean, Prov. Québec, 10.15 AM. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 24th November 2011 05:06:26

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