View Full Version : Book on WWII Signals/Wireless - any suggestions?

7th January 2011, 14:42
Can anyone please suggest a book that includes information on the work of WWII WOPs/Signallers and the equipment they used including development of Radar/BABS/ASV etc?

Pierre Renier
7th January 2011, 22:41

This website has a reprinting service for the official RAF narratives and may well contain what you are looking for in the multi volume series on RAF Signals.


Very fast service and if requested in PDF versions when ordered they are at a substantial discount to printed and bound copies.

Kind regards

8th January 2011, 11:57
Thanks for your reply, Pierre.

I did not know of MLRS Books. It looks as if they have many interesting volumes. The only problem with the ones I am interested in is the price! I have not yet found on their web site anything about pdf versions and prices of same.


Pierre Renier
9th January 2011, 15:14
Hi David

Send an e-mail message using the contact details. The chap who handles things is pretty swift in replying and will direct you on how to order material and method of getting PDF versions. They are upwards of 50% discount.

Consequently I have ordered a few that way and just printed for my personal use extracts when hard copy needed. Saves on shelf space!

Kind regards

9th January 2011, 16:20
Thanks for your help with this, Pierre.


18th March 2011, 13:16
David, another book about No. 2 Radio School is 'RAF Yatesbury The History' by Phil Tomaselli. See our web site www.rafyatesbury.webs.com The main equipment for long range communications was the T1154 (Transmitter) and the R1155 (receiver) There were earlier units R1082 & T1083. The VHF was the TR1143 which was 4 channels which was an adaption of an American unit. These of course were the UK equipment. The American aircraft were fitted with the Comand equipment There is a radio museum at RAF Henlow. Our association also includes No.3 Radio School RAF Compton Bassett.
Bill H

21st March 2011, 17:46
To Bill H,

Thanks again for reply to my postings. I well remember the 1154/1155 from my time in the Air Training Corps in 1950/60s. I also have a photo of my father at his WOP position in a Sunderland using the equipment while out on convoy escort over the Atlantic.


13th June 2011, 11:36
In response to your post many months ago, I recommend the book "Echoes over the Pacific", by Ed Simmonds and Norm Smith as a fascinating description of the development and use of Allied Air Warning Radar in the Pacific. ISBN 0 646 24323 3. Limited edition of 1000 copies, 276 pp, September 1995, so may not be easy to find now.
Allan Stark

13th June 2011, 13:52
Thanks for your reply Allan. I had a look on the internet and quite quickly found 13 copies for sale priced between 38 and 138. Quite surprising considering the limited print run.