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Chris Davies
17th February 2011, 13:44
Can anyone provide the service numbers of the following two chaps from 35 Sqn RAF Cottismore

F/O Wardell
Sgt Boggis



17th February 2011, 14:59
Hi Chris,

Couple of possibilites:

37140 S/L (Pilot) Richard Neville WARDELL RAF
PoW 13-8-1940. No.82 Sqn Blenheim IV R3829. BCL1/98.

905397 Sgt (Obs.) John William Rolfe BOGGIS RAFVR
+ 21-7-1941. No.76 Sqn. Halifax I L9533. BCL2/95

Both need confirmation from another source.


Chris Davies
17th February 2011, 17:39
I had JWR Boggis as a possibilty.



17th February 2011, 17:50
I might have it wrong, but in 1938 F/O Wardell would not have had a service number, in line with the Navy not issuing Officers with s/ns. The pre-War officers who were still in service into the war years did on the whole seem to acquire service numbers.

Chris Davies
17th February 2011, 20:09
Now throws a cat amongst the pigeons!


17th February 2011, 20:29
There is a list on this site of service number allocation dates for RAF men could indicate when Boggis joined

17th February 2011, 21:04

Looks as if J W R Boggis is a non-starter.

900000-934899 UK enlistments, Uxbridge. September 1939-June 1940.

See: Aces High Vol.2/Shores p.17


18th February 2011, 03:01
OK, so I chucked in a moggy, and here is what the LG serves up in the way of pigeon on toast.

Issue 34145, 25 Mar 35
Richard Neville WARDELL granted short commission at the rank of Acting Pilot Officer, seniority 16 Mar 35

Issue 34276, 21 Apr 36
Richard Neville WARDELL regraded to Pilot Officer, 15 Mar 36

Issue 34439, 28 Sep 37
Promoted to Flying Officer, 15 Sep 37

Issue 34562, 18 Oct 38
Promoted to Acting Flight Lieutenant, 15 Sep 38

Issue 34733, 14 Nov 39
Richard Neville WARDELL (37140) Promoted to Flight Lieutenant, 15 Sep 39

So, in short he gained his service number at some point during 1939.

Now to Boggis, there is a Peter James Somerville Boggis, promoted from Acting Pilot Officer to Pilot Officer as of 15 May 40. He was graded as P/O on probation on the 18th Feb 40. I can't trace an initial Commission on the LG at the moment, but he would certainly have been in the RAF pre war and he is listed under Royal Air Force rather than VR which also indicate probable pre war entry into the service.

18th February 2011, 09:06
Boggis won a DFC for attack in Dec 1941 on Gneisenau and Scharnhorst at Brest which date ?? He is listed 15 Sqn

His serial number then was:

Flying Officer Peter James Somerville BOGGIS (42457), No. 15 Squadron.

No indication if he was pilot or crew he certianly survived the war and had a long career in RAF

Chris Davies
18th February 2011, 18:31
Alan. Paul,
I bow to your superior knowledge,

Thank you for sorting that out. I am glad to put the exact names to the chaps


Chris Davies
22nd February 2011, 21:55

Just had it confirmed rom AHB, pilot was R N Wardell.



22nd February 2011, 22:14
Did AHB say anything about Boggis ?

22nd February 2011, 22:36

42457 F/O P J S Boggis, was a pilot on No.15 Squadron. In fact the pilot of Stirling N6086 'MacRobert's Reply', which collided with No.416 Sqn Spitfire II P7982 at Peterhead on 6/7-2-1942 (date needs confirmation, sources vary). Details of this event and the op on 18 December 1941 ('Veracity I'), for which he was awarded his DFC, are mentioned in:

The Stirling Story.
Bowyer,Michael J F.


Chris Davies
23rd February 2011, 19:47

AHB only mention RN Wardell


Chris Davies
27th February 2011, 21:15
I have had to bring this one back for further clarification.

Having just been sent a copy of the 35 Sqn for this period, The crash is mentioned.
Pilot: F/O RN Wardell
A/O: Sgt Boggis (no initials).

A/Sgt/pd A.G. Boggis (Air Observer) posted from unit after serving 9 years with sqn.

1/ highly likely this was the Boggis from the crash
2/ earlier thread I posted has this a/c as being repaired and being struck off in the Middle East in 1941.

Can anyone clarify please


28th February 2011, 09:15
Maybe Alfred George Boggis born 1902 (Sudbury, Suffolk)
or Arthur George Boggis born 1906 (Norwich, Norfolk)
Or Arthur G Boggis born 1914 (Henstead, Norfolk)

28th February 2011, 09:20
From London Gazette

8 JUNE, 1944

Acting Squadron Leaders.

A. G. BOGGIS (43890).

Looks like he was comissioned, now need !

28th February 2011, 09:23

The undermentioned Flight Sergeants are
granted commissions for the duration of
hostilities as Pilot Officers on probation with
effect from the dates stated and with seniority
of 30th May 1940:
I5th June 1940.
359127 Arthur George BOGGIS (43890).

So he was Arthur George BOGGIS 359127 at time of accident

Chris Davies
28th February 2011, 10:00
Well cover me with eggs and flour, and bake me for 14 mins!

Didn't expect a result that quick.
Thank you so much for resolving this.

Was he the Norwich or Henstead AG Boggis?

Also a/c was writen off,


28th February 2011, 13:12
Well if he as with the Sqn 9 years, and if he was born in 1914, then it would make him 15 or 16 when he joined the Sqn... So I don;t think likely...

However, the clue would be his service number


340001 to 360000 Sep 1919 Civilians (completed 16.6.25)

So I think he would be

Arthur George Boggis born 1906 (Norwich, Norfolk)

He also stayed in RAF post war and the London Gazette retired as a Sqn Ldr in 1956

18 SEPTEMBER, 1956


Squadron Leaders:—

A. G. BOGGIS, A.M.I.E.E. (43890). 5th Sept.

Chris Davies
28th February 2011, 13:41

One last one,

do we have a D.O.B for RN Wardell.

thank you

28th February 2011, 14:55
No exact matches

WARDELL Richard Auckland Durham 1909
WARDELL Richard Sedgefield Durham 1909
WARDELL Richard Easington Durham 1915

I think the first two may be the same person registered twice....

The last one could also fit.. But as commissioned in 1935.... both could fit if he went to university or straight in at 20..