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17th February 2011, 18:30
Today I spotted some good news on the National Archive website:

Visitors' parking at The National Archives
17 February

In 2009, we announced our intention to charge for our visitors' car park as part of a wider savings exercise. However, we delayed the implementation date as we were dissatisfied with the technical solution offered to manage our car park bookings, as it did not meet our rigorous customer service standards. The technical problems have now been resolved but the intervening 18-month period since the original announcement has provided an opportunity to reassess our financial position, and we have therefore decided to extend the free parking period.

We will keep the situation under review. However, assuming there are no new external pressures, we anticipate the free parking period will continue for 12 months.

Hurrah, hooray! Almost as good as keeping our forests.


19th February 2011, 12:45
Hooray, someone has seen sense!

20th February 2011, 18:21


21st February 2011, 09:49

Thanks for the updates on the subject. I'm planning another visit to Kew soon, and I was wondering about the car park and didn't have to search their website for updates (I even made a bookmark about it...)