View Full Version : 31 Squadron in Burma 1943

27th February 2011, 14:46
Hi All,

After some help from the forum with reference numbers for RAF records at the National Archives, I spent a good day there yesterday researching the Air Supply to the Chindits 1943 operation.

The 31 Squadron war diaries were a very good source of info and I picked up some useful material. One thing stood out for me though, it was the use of a code name for the operation. Wingate code named it operation 'Longcloth' and that is how it is known in historical terms.

However, looking at the diaries for the time period the squadron seem to call it 'Vicki'. I realise that the squadron would not just be supplying the one mission during that period, but is it usual for them to have their own code name over and above the original?

Any ideas chaps?



15th October 2012, 17:37
I was with 181 Signals Wing at Imphal in 1944/45 when we serviced the Rebecca/Eureka equipment in Dakotas supplying the box at Meiktila but do not know the code word - or even if we were attached to 31 Squadron! Not very helpful I'm afraid.