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Henk Welting
22nd March 2011, 17:11
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died on active service:
LAC Herbert D. BROWN - 1456752 - age 26 - 53 Sqn (Thorny Island), and
LAC John T. HUNT - 1276616.

B - Not found in Flight Global:
AC2 Dennis G. HALL - 1638838 - age 41, and
Cpl (WAAF) Margaret F. HAYTER - 2069687.

C - Killed on active service:
Sgt (Pilot) Thomas INGLIS - 657490.

D - Proposed aircraft losses:
Beaufighter I - X7848 - 51 OTU - crashed on approach Wharley Farm, Cranfield.
Master III - W8458 - SDU - crashed in forced landing Postland Station, 8 miles SE of Spalding, Lincolnshire.
Defiant II - AA580 - 1692 Flt - crashed on landing Drem, East Lothian.
Master II - DL229 - 7 (P)AFU - crashed on landing Sibson.
Oxford I - BG635 - 15 (P)AFU - crashed in forced landing Ashford Hill, near Greenham Common.
Tiger Moth II - EM813 - 1 EFTS - flew into ground 1 mile NE of Bramfield, Hertfordshire.

E - Also looking for cause of death of:
Sgt (Pilot) Paul RANDLETT - 1393710 (from Chili) - 73 OTU (Abu Sueir, Egypt) - killed on active service, buried Fayid War Cem., Egypt. (Can't find a matching Hurricane or Spitfire serial number).

Regards and thanks for your help.

22nd March 2011, 17:50
Hi Henk
Brown,26,registered at Gosport, Hampshire
Hunt,22,registered at Derby,Derbyshire
Hall,40, registered at St Asaph, Denbighshire,
Hayter,20,registered at Poole ,Dorset
Inglis not in England and Wales,but you do have the Defiant at Drem in Scotland

22nd March 2011, 18:58
Hi Henk

I have Brown as a Fitter II, being killed in a (ground) accident.

I have Inglis as being killed on 24 Jun (as per CWGC) and a possibly for Beaufighter VI, EL225 of No 2 TTU, which crashed on landing at Castle Kennedy.


22nd March 2011, 20:00

From ABS:

Kittyhawk I AK583 of 73OTU - Spun into ground near Abu Sueir on 24-Jul-43


22nd March 2011, 20:24

Sgt (Pilot) Thomas INGLIS - 657490 aged 27. Death registered at District of Mordington, County of Berwick, Scotland. This is on the East side of Scotland close to the Scotland/England border.


23rd March 2011, 03:34

Re: LAC H D Brown.

On this day (24-7-1943), LAC H D Brown was killed by an oncoming train at Bedhampton Station (Hampshire).

United in Effort/Manson. pp.48 & 106 (Brown not mentioned in index).


Henk Welting
23rd March 2011, 08:54
Thanks friends for all your excellent support.


23rd March 2011, 23:43
Hayter: DOAS Cas List 294, name is split over two lines, scanned as
Women's Auxiliary Air Force

24th March 2011, 00:48
Here is the entry from the No.59 OTU ORB for the June 24th 1943, No.657490 Sgt Inglis, T. (Pilot) killed in flying accident at Witches Knowe, Berwick. You are almost certainly looking for a Hurricane.

24th March 2011, 08:35

From ABS:

Hurricane I serial AG123

59OTU - Engine cut: bellylanded and hit wall Witches Knowe, Berwick 24-Jun-43; DBF


24th March 2011, 13:22
just noticed that freebmd.org.uk now have the wartime years transcribed, accessable for free.

Henk Welting
24th March 2011, 15:45
Thanks friens for additional info.
Dennis: tried some names with the info I had on freebmd.org.uk; unfortunately ALL without any positive result ! Don't know what I did wrong. How to fill in death date ? (DD/MM/YYYY ??).

24th March 2011, 16:10
??? I tried Herbert D Brown there and he turned up.

make sure to select either 'all types' or 'deaths' in the upper box

the surname Brown

fornames need to be Herbert D First name and middle initial only.

Then just the year date, Mar 1943 to Dec 1943

Anyway, was only mentioning it, i don;t want to see your threads disappear from the forum by telling you how to do everything....

Henk Welting
25th March 2011, 09:51
Thanks Dennis for explanation. Will go on on the forum like I did before also to inform other visitors interested in the air war 39-45 and looking for info by date.

29th March 2011, 07:23

Litcham_Lad is again correct with AK583 being this aircraft.

Aircraft was undertaking a training flight when it was seen to spin, which was not recovered and aircraft crashed near Abu Sueir.


Henk Welting
29th March 2011, 10:50
Thanks Buz for confirmation. At the moment working on the Alamein Memorial and probably will meet many names of airmen missing and related to Kittyhawk aircraft.

27th May 2018, 12:32

LAC Herbert D. BROWN - 1456752 - the Hampshire Telegraph of July 30th 1943 reported that for reasons unknown he jumped out of the wrong side of a train whilst it was at Bedhampton Halt. He started to walk towards Portsmouth in the six foot walkway between the up and down lines, but was struck by the Waterloo to Portsmouth train, killing him instantly. A verdict of accidental death was recorded.

AC2 Dennis G. HALL - 1638838 - the Western Mail of August 2nd 1943 reported the following:

R.A.F. Man's Suicide
A verdict of "Suicide whilst temporarily of unsound mind" was recorded at an inquest at Prestatyn on A.C.2 Dennis George Hall, Glenholm, North Heath, Pulborough, Sussex, who was found dead at a North Wales R.A.F. station with a gunshot wound to his head.
Mrs. Maragaret Helen Hall, the widow, said she last saw her husband in June. He then seemed quiet and nervous. She noticed a difference in his manner, and had asked him what he was worrying about, but he seemed to "draw into himself." He had never threatened to take his own life.



6th June 2021, 18:55
Margaret Francis Hayter 2069687 attached to Number 73 Signals Wing

27th November 2021, 18:32
Ralph Burton-fanning 83515 , the Senior Equipment Officer attached to 164 MU , was kiled in a road accident at 14:30 hours

15th February 2022, 20:35
Stanley Harold Horatio Upsher 1156110 , an RAF policeman attached to The South Iraq detachment DAPM , died at RAF police HQ Basrah of a self inflicted gunshot wound

16th December 2022, 19:09
Albert Cartmale 1502038 , attached to RAF Helwan, was admitted seriously ill to Number 1 New Zealand General hospital on 8 June suffering with left side lobar pneumonia, where he died of left side emphysema and acute pneumococcal meningitis