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2nd March 2008, 02:55
I have, through neglect as well as computer crashes which wiped out e-mail records, lost touch with the people whom I met in Australia in 2000, most regretably Andrew Smith and his family. I should like to reopen communications, and on a fairly urgent note, to be advised of the name and address of the military book store in Melbourne which proved so awesome. A friend is going to Australia in a couple of weeks and I should like to refer him to said book store.

Hugh Halliday

Errol Martyn
2nd March 2008, 03:04

Hylands Bookshop is what you are seeking. Details here:



3rd March 2008, 06:51
Hylands moved from their old shop on Flinders Lane in Melbourne to a new shop in Heffernan Lane in the New Year 2008.

new address is Level 1, 29-31 Heffernan Lane, Melbourne.
It is up near the corner of Russell St and Lonsdale St, about 2 blocks across and three blocks up from their old location.

Their website is:


Hope this helps.

Melbourne also has a couple of other fairly good second hand booksellers who specialise in military books or who carry a good range of military books. Some are around the city, but some are out in the suburbs. A search of the Melbourne Yellow Pages would not go astray (it is on line www.yellowpages.com.au)


Don Clark
4th January 2023, 19:43
Just noticed this thread.
What a treasure trove was Hyland's.

In July 2016, moved from Heffernan's Lane to the former cinema at 200 Bourke St.
In May 2019, with lease renewal approaching, Neil and co decided to retire, after 54 years selling books.
The last day of trading came Wed 19 Jun 2019.

While the shop and website have gone, Hylands - and its closure - are still recorded by
the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hylandsbookshop/
and the Blogspot page: http://hylandsbookshopnews.blogspot.com/

A visit to Melbourne was always the better for a browse at Hylands, rarely leaving empty handed.
Hat off to them all.