View Full Version : Beaufighter crash in Manipur, India, 8 April 1945

Laurent Rizzotti
8th April 2011, 15:45

On 8 April 1945 a Beaufighter crashed and burned in Manipur, India. Two crew, Flg Off Russel James Glazier and Flg Off Ralph Emerson Featherstone, were killed while Wt Off C D Lovegrove was seriously burned. All three were members of the RCAF.

The CWGC has both dead buried in Karachi cemetery but with no unit displayed. So they were very probably flying with a rear area unit. I have not managed to find which one. I will also be interested to know the type and serial of the Beaufighter.

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Henk Welting
8th April 2011, 17:20
Beaufighter TF.X - NV305 - Nr. 5 Ferry Unit.

Laurent Rizzotti
8th April 2011, 18:51
Thanks Henk

8th April 2011, 19:20

No.5 Ferry Unit highly unlikely. 5 FU was at Heliopolis, Egypt on 8-4-1945. Probably, No.8 Ferry Unit, which was at Mauripor, India, on that date.


Laurent Rizzotti
8th April 2011, 19:35
There is a short story of Featherstone here:

It says Featherstone was affected to 5th Ferry Unit (I missed it before posting here), in North Africa as you say, and was ordered to go to India, losing his life when he landed here at the end of the transfer flight. This may explain why they were three men aboard.

So technically, the aircraft and crew were probably of 5th FU and might have been integrated into 8th FU had they arrived safely.

On the other hand this source is not 100% reliable: for example it says German troops in Italy surrendered in February 1945...