View Full Version : Seeking advice re Florida air museums

26th April 2011, 00:24
According to my internet searches, there seem to be a bewildering number of air museums in the Orlando-St.Petersburg area. I would appreciate advice as to which have been seen and enjoyed (or seen and left no positive impression) by persons conculting this forum. By and large my impression is that a good museum always has a good bookshop. And speaking of bookshops, would anyone care to recommend a good new and second-hand militaria shop in the same area ?

Departing VERY early on the morning of the 30th so would appreciate said advive in time to make the most tentative plan. Thanx in advance.

27th April 2011, 19:57

If it has not been suggested to you already you need to put this question on http://warbirdinformationexchange.org/ I feel sure you will get enough quick replies before you need to leave.