View Full Version : Fairey Seal K4780 No. 7 ATS RAF Acklington 14th Nov. 1938

Chris Davies
8th May 2011, 09:25
Can anyone provide any information on this accident.
The aircraft crashed into the North Sea 2miles N/E of Amble harbour, Northumberland coast.
Pilot Sgt William Arthur Curl
W/Op, Obs, AC Joseph Millican.

I am seeking any futher details, service no's., Sqn ID letters, place of burial.
Yesterday I met a cousin of Joseph Millican, and said I would see what I could find.

Kind regards


8th May 2011, 10:53
Hi Chris

I have the cause as the pilot losing control in cloud at 6-7,000 ft and spinning into the sea near Alnmouth.

According to Lake, the unit didn't carry any Sqn code letters.

It was actually redesignated the following day to No 2 Air Observer School.


Chris Davies
9th May 2011, 19:44
Where would I look in the AIR records for RAF Rescue Launches

also to find the service numbers of the two crew.



10th May 2011, 09:26
I cannot see William A Curl's name on the England and Wales death register index, suggesting he was never recovered.

Joseph Milllican age 20 is registered in Northumberland North Second district during 1938. Imagine he is buried in his home town?

One can interigate individual pages of the register now using freeBMD.org.uk and the preceding pages of the index contain anything I'd condider to to be Curl or unknowns.

Chris Davies
10th May 2011, 23:10
Malcolm, Dennis,
It would appear that there is no death certificate for Sgt WA Curl, but in the 'Wills register' his death is recorded as 'Lost at Sea', this would indicate his body was never found.

Where do I look for pre-war service numbers?

Once again many thanks, the family appreciate all your good work


Chris Davies
15th May 2011, 09:53
Sorry to bring this back to the front,

Can anyone advise where I might trace the service numbers of this crew?

Pilot Sgt William Arthur Curl
W/Op, Obs, AC1 Joseph Millican.

Kind regards


15th May 2011, 10:48
Hi Chris,

have you tried the ORB or accident card?


Chris Davies
15th May 2011, 12:37
Hi Tom,

i am waiting for them to come through


18th April 2013, 09:12
Just found these service numbers

Millican #535261
Curl #563765

Chris Davies
18th April 2013, 22:31
Hi Paul,

Many thanks, that confirms the numbers I had picked up.



18th April 2013, 23:40

The accident was reported in The Times the following day. It essentially repeats all that has gone before, but with the additional information that Curl came from Feltham, Middlesex, and Millican from Fourstones, Northumberland.