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Henk Welting
8th March 2008, 12:48
Several places were bombed this day by the Luftwaffe including North Weald (with many casualties) and also a part of the RAF Hospital at St.Athan was demolished.
Looking for places of death registration of following airmen:

AC1 Harry L. BURBRIDGE - 646963 - name not found in Flight archives, and

AC2 William FAIRFIELD - 1358170;
AC2 Alexander KIRK - 1103925;
LAC Henry A. SHACKELTON - 343404,
AC2 Frank WALKER - 1007477
all killed on active service.

Also same day killed on active service:
P/O (Pilot u/t) David A. SADLER - 90937

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:
Hart Trainer - K4888 - 9 FTS - crashed on landing Hullavington
Hurricane I - L1803 - 263 Sqn - abandoned near Bainsford, Stirlingshire
Hurricane I - L1933 - 85 Sqn - crashed on landing Hawkinge
Lysander II - R2030 - 26 Sqn - flew into ground near Stradishall

Regards and thanks for your help.

8th March 2008, 13:06
BURRIDGE, not BURBRIDGE, and he is in Flight as Killed on Active Service


8th March 2008, 14:14
Hi Henk
Burridge,20, Fairfield,47, Kirk.26 and Walker,27, are all registered at Thanet ?N Weald.Sadler,22, is registetred at Wigton up nr Carlisle, Haven't found Shackleton.

8th March 2008, 15:17

Shackelton also at Thanet


Henk Welting
8th March 2008, 15:20
Thanks Amrit and Dick. Enjoy the weekend.

Henk Welting
8th March 2008, 15:22
Thank Dave as well. Any idea about P/O Sadler ?


8th March 2008, 15:52
We have a mystery here!

From 'Air Crashes in the Lake District' (apparently not the most reliable source)

which has the following entries

Botha Mk I L6160 1c OTU
Crew D Alexander 9093
D Lowry 94493
K Thompson 742868

The crew of this a/c perished when it crashed and burnt out while taking part in a night flying exercise. The crash site was near Balladoyle Farm, which subsequently became noted for a/c crashes.

Botha Mk 2 L6203 1c OTU
Crew -

A/c crashed at Balladoyle Farm killing its crew of three. No further info. is available on this accident.

In the first case, the only casualty listed that can be attributed to the accident on the 24th is Thompson, registered at Wigton. Of the other two, Alexander & Lowry, I can find no trace. However Henk's Sadler was killed on the 24th and whos death is also registered at Wigton! I think we have two of the three crewmen.

There is also the matter of two Bothas crashing at the same place in the space of a few days. ABS records that it was L6203 that crashed at Balladoyle Farm on the 24th and L6160 at Horsforth, Yorks on the 25th May 1940.

So what was the serial of the other Botha at Balladoyle, if indeed there was one?

Any comments anyone?



8th March 2008, 16:21
Further info.

The third crewman must have been J Lowry 944933, wrong initial was listed in the book.

The pilot' name being given as 'D Alexander 9093' is explained by looking at David Alexander Sadler 90937.

But do we have the right serial?


Henk Welting
8th March 2008, 16:33

Botha L6160 lost 25-5-1940. 1st Offr ATA John T.W. CLARK crashed Horsforth, Leeds (death registered Wharfedale).
D. Alexander 9093 not in my files. The three on L6203 may have been Thompson, Sadler and Lowry.
No Botha loss on 28-8-1940.
Was Lowry's death also registered at Wigton ?


8th March 2008, 16:46

yes, at Wigton. Did you see my post re

David ALEXANDER Sadler 90937?


Henk Welting
8th March 2008, 17:22
Yes Dave, read your info on D(avid) ALEXANDER Sadler 9093(7). All clear now. Thompson, Sadler and Lowrey on L6203.
One more thread on the board and finish for today.
Good weekend,

Alex Smart
8th January 2022, 03:06

400824 - Unaccounted Airmen - 24-08-1940

From Henk's List -

EDWARDS, Eric Norman - AC2c - 972064 - RAFVR.
Chester (Overleigh) Cemetery, Cheshire.
Died in an Oxford hospital from injuries received in a motorcycle accident on the 23rd.

BURRIDGE, Harry Lewis - AC1c - 646963 - RAF.
Worcester (St.John's) Cemetery, Worcestershire
FAIRFIELD, William - AC2c - 1358170 - RAF.
KIRK, Alexander - AC2c - 1103925 - RAFVR.
These two airmen rest at Minister (Thanet) Cemetery, Kent.
SHACKLETON, Henry Allan - Lac - 343404 - RAF.
Chatham (Palmerston Road) Cemetery, Kent.
WALKER, Frank - AC2c - 1007477 - RAFVR.
Tottington (St.John)Free Church of England Chapelyard, Lancashire.
Thes five airmen were killed as a result of an Air Raid on RAF Manston.

MCCONNELL, William James - Air Mech - SFX.964 - HMS Vernon - RN.
Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery, Hampshire.
Killed as a result of an enemy Air Raid.

AYRES, Albert Leslie - S/Lt(A) - HMS Illustrious - RNVR.
GOULD, Samuel Howard - PO(A) - FX.55139 - HMS Illustrious - RN.
These two Naval Airmen were crew of Fulmar - N1885 - 806 Sqn FAA,RN.

DAY, Arthur Grenville - S/Lt(A) - HMS Illustrious - RNVR.
NEWTON, Harry - NA1c - D/JX.151417 - HMS Illustrious - RN.
These two Naval Airmen were crew of Fulmar - N1887 - 806 Sqn FAA,RN.
The four Naval Airmen listed above are all commemorated on the Lee-on-Solent Memorial, Hampshire.

From CWGC -

BRIGGS, William - Sgt - 751402 - RAFVR.
Westwood (St.John the Baptist) Churchyard, Warwickshire.
BROOK, Dennis - Sgt - 648603 - RAF.
Haltemprice (Anlaby Tranby Lane) Cemetery, Yorkshire.
ROCHFORD, Stephen Christopher - F/O - 70584 - RAF.
Hertford Corporation Cemetery, Hertfordshire.
These three airmen were crew of Blenheim IV - T2035 - 53 Sqn.

MACHIN, William Howard - Sgt - 968717 - RAFVR.
Birmingham (Handsworth) Cemetery, Warwickshire.
Defiant I - L6967 - 264 Sqn.

WRIGHT, Daniel Leslie - Sgt - 552618 - RAF.
Chasetown (St.Ann) Churchyard, Staffordshire.
Blenheim IV - T1804 - 235 Sqn.

LOWRY, John - AC2c - 944933 - RAFVR.
Carlisle (Uperby) Cemetery, Cumberland.
SADLER David Alexander - P/O - 90937 - RAF (AAF).
Aberdeen (Grove)Cemetery, Aberdeenshire.
THOMPSON, Kenneth - Sgt - 742868 - RAFVR.
Bishop's Stortford Old Cemetery, Hertfordshire.
These three airmen were crew of Botha I - L6203 - 1 OTU.

EASTOE, Eric Richard - Sgt - 754751 - RAFVR.
Walthamstow (Queens Road) Cemetery, Essex.
IVES, Hubert Geoffrey - Sgt - 904303 - RAFVR.
Tonbridge Cemetery, Kent.
GATES, Frank Arthur Edwin - Sgt - 643900 - RAF.
HARTNELL, Richard Sidney - Sgt - 568749 - RAF.
These two airmen rest at Juby(St.Patrick) Churchyard, Isle of Man.
The above four airmen were crew of Wellington Ia - N2945 - 11OTU.

ATTWOOD, Cecil Alfred Victor - Sgt - 643865 - RAF.
RICHARDSON, Royston Thomas - Sgt - 740461 - RAFVR.
STEPHENS, Evan John - Sgt - 967065 - RAFVR.
TURNER, Edward Gordon - Sgt - 741188 - RAFVR.
The four airman named above were crew of Wellington Ia - N2945 - 11 OTU.

WOODGER, David Noel - P/O - 42666 - RAF.
Blenheim IV - T1804 - 235 Sqn.

BERRY, Alan - Sgt - 968035 - RAFVR.
SHAW, Ian Garstin - F/O - 40265 - RAF.
These two airmen were crew of Defiant - L7027 - 264 Sqn.

JONES, Joseph Trevor - P/O - 78855 - RAFVR.
PONTING, William Alan - P/O - 79217 - RAFVR.
These two airmen were crew of Defiant - L6966 - 264 Sqn.

HUNTER, Philip Algernon Sqn/Ldr - 32081 - RAF - DSO - MiD.
KING, Frederick Harry - P/O - 43845 - RAF - DFM.
These two airmen were crew of Defiant - N1535 - 264 Sqn.

The eleven airmen named above are all commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.

EBUS, Gerhard - GAF.
Gosport (Ann's Hill) Cemetery, Hampshire.

SCHMID, Josef - GAF.
SALOMO, Erich - GAF.
KRAMER, Alfred - GAF.
MOELLER, Herbert Erwin Fritz Johannes - GAF.
ULTSCH, Gottfried - GAF.
HUHN, Gerhard - GAF.
JAGHER, Walter - GAF.
These nine German Airmen all rest at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery Staffordshire.

Cause of death of the above ten German Airmen ?


8th January 2022, 04:56
Fw Gerhard EBUS
Pilot of Bf 109E-4 of 6./JG 2. Shot down Shanklin Down, Isle of Wight. Pilot bailed out and landed in the Sea.

Hptm Gerhard HUHN
Ofw Josef SCHMID
Fw Walter JAGHER
Fw Gottfried ULTSCH
Crew of He111H-2 ‘A1+BT’ of 9./KG 53 shot down by Hurricanes of 615 Squadron at Langford Grove Road, Langford, Essex.
Gefr Hans ZAUNIGK injured and taken POW.

Fw Erich SALOMO, Gunner
Maj Karl RITSCHERLE, Observer, Grp Kdr III/KG 53
Ogefr Erwin GLEISSNER, Radio Operator
Uffz Alfred KRAMER, F/Eng
Crew of He111H-2 of 9./KG 53 Shot down by Hurricanes of 111 Squadron and a Defiant of 264 Squadron, crashing at Abberton Reservoir, Layer de la Haye, Essex. The pilot Uffz Gerhard SCHÄFFNER survived as POW.

Uffz Herbert Erwin Fritz Johannes MÖLLER
Pilot of Bf109E-1 ‘L2+K’ of 2./LG 2 Shot down by Hurricane of 56 Squadron crashing at Mackledon’s Farm, Bobbing, Kent.