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Steve Smith
8th July 2011, 10:10
Dambusters: The Forging of a Legend
617 Squadron in World War II
by Chris Ward
ISBN: 9781848840027

I have just completed Chris Wards “Dambusters, The Forging of a Legend” the latest edition to my collection of books on this squadron.

This is by a country mile the best book on the squadron I have yet to read, the depth of detail on the squadron and the raids is a testament to Chris Wards knowledge and expertise on the squadron. Mr Ward’s book gives a nuts and bolts look at the squadrons exploits, too many books on the squadron read more like a boys-own yarn or Mills & Boon than a serious warts and all history, this book takes the research to a new exciting level and is for me worth every penny.

The photographs many of which are new to me and from private collections are an added and most welcome bonus, (I get rather annoyed at the same old photographs being used in every book on the subject).

To sum up, if you want a detailed and accurate account of the exploits of the squadron this is an absolute MUST.


11th July 2011, 07:33
Hello Steve,

Is this a new edition of the book he co-authored in 2008 (about A4 size, softback) ? Or a totally new book ?