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Henk Welting
9th March 2008, 14:03
Looking for cause of death and places of death registration:

A - Killed on active service:
AC2 Archibald C.G. BURTON - 1255083 - 610 Sqn (Gravesend, Kent)
F/Sgt Richard F. STICKLAND - 350903 - (probably 53 Sqn Detling, Kent)
AC2 Barrie STONE - 639515 - 53 Sqn (Detling, Kent)
F/O Peter D.L. YORKE - 31255 - (probably killed in air raid Biggin Hill; look out for confirmation).

B - Not listed Flight archives:
F/Lt (Pilot) Francis B. HARRIS - 39231

C - Missing believed killed on active service (while engaged on non-operational flying duties or on the ground through enemy action):
AC1 John J. JACKSON - 810029 - 610 Sqn (Gravesend, Kent).

D - Proposed aircraft losses for this day if any of them involved in an aircraft accident:
Hurricane I - L2063 - 6 OTU - crashed in forced landing Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Tiger Moth II - N6472 - 7 EFTS - crashed in forced landing Oakley
Tiger Moth II - R4857 - 13 EFTS - spun into ground near Twyford, Berkshire.

E - BoB website for 30-8-1940 has "NIL RAF Personnel killed" in the BoB Campaign Diary - Casualties on Ground by Enemy Action, however I've following names killed in air raid at Biggin Hill for this day:
Cpl Alfred BAKER - 624349
AC2 James BARNETT - 1352118
LAC (Meteo) Thomas C.J. BRUNNING - 753567
LAC (Meteo) Edwin H.F. BUTTFIELD - 753562
ACW1 Edna L. BUTTON - 886553 (Source Errol Martyn: "For Your Tomorrow" Vol.2, page 426: She had got all her patients from the sick bay to shelter and was following them in when a bomb fell near and caught her in the blast)
LAC Deric H.M. CARTER - 511653
Cpl Percy C. CLARK - 343849
AC1 Herbert CRANE - 920940
LAC Richard M. CROSS - 65781
LAC James J.Q. DYNING - 940164
AC2 Douglas A. EMERY - 958357
AC1 John A. GEORGE - 907585
AC2 Arthur HUDSON - 1103399
Cpl Bertram A.G. IMESON - 514385
AC2 Leonard MOORS - 1011146
Cpl Walter H.R. MUMFORD - 85081
AC2 Dennis W. MURTON - 961737
AC2 Joseph MUSGROVE - 958359
LAC George E. RIGGS - 743719
AC2 W. SNADDON - 995153
AC2 Eric H. STOPHER - 964873
AC2 Edward T. VEAL - 813038
Cpl Richard W. WHITE - 744489
AC2 John L. WHITFORD - 1256603
AC1 Victor A.L. WREN - age 42 - 113797
and also a civilian Meteo-man Mr Norman E. ROBERTS - age 39, buried Orpington Urban District Cemetery.

Regards and thanks for your help.

9th March 2008, 15:10

Reference your E.

Brunning, Buttfield and Mr Roberts (ex RAF) were all killed when a bomb released by a Ju88 went through the entrance of the air-raid shelter in which they were sheltering. (All were met personnel, but only Roberts was on duty.) My understanding is that there were 39 fatalities in the shelter - no survivors. I think all those on your list were almost certainly in the shelter.

So far as Roberts is concerned there is no Orpington Urban District Cemetery (as I found having spent ages looking for it), he is buried in St Mary's Cray Cemetery. I have a photo should you be interested.


9th March 2008, 15:34
RE: Stickland

"ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS Saturday Sept 7th 1940, page 6.


Sincere sympathy is felt with Mrs. F. STICKLAND and family, of 13 Abingdon-road, in the death, during an air raid over a mainland town, of her son, Flight-Sergt. Richard Francis STICKLAND, R.A.F., aged 36, on Friday week. He was living with his wife and son in a house opposite which a bomb fell and was killed. His wife is suffering severely from shock, and their young son was seriously wounded in the leg. Deceased had served in the R.A.F. for 16 years, and was previously employed by Messrs. J. Samuel WHITE and Co., Ltd., at Cowes. He attended the Upper Grade School. His wife was formerly Miss Alice TURNER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. TURNER, of Arthur-street. The funeral took place at Holy Trinity Church on Wednesday, and the Rev. S. J. CORNISH officiated. The mourners were Miss I. STICKLAND (sister), Mrs. S. CHAPPELL (sister), Mrs. TURNER (mother-in-law), Mrs. CRABB (sister-in-law), Mr. L. TURNER (brother-in-law), Mrs. WAY (aunt), Mr. B. WAY (cousin), Miss STICKLAND(aunt), and two R.A.F. sergeants. The floral tributes included those from the commanding officer and airmen of engine repair section No 30 M.U.; the officers mess and sergeants mess; the officers and men, No 30 M.U.; and neighbours in Abingdon-road"



Henk Welting
9th March 2008, 16:22
Thanks Brian for info on burial location Mr Roberts. Amended my files. Found a 'St.Mary's Cray Cemetery' at Orpington (CWGC code UK.4038). No need for a picture of the grave; nevetheless thanks for your offer.


Henk Welting
9th March 2008, 16:30
Thanks Amrit for your info on (ex RAF F/Sgt) Stickland.

9th March 2008, 17:27
Hi Henk
As I have just found out, CWGC do not give Cemeteries for Civilian Casualties, they give the Administrative district in which they died. Orpongton would be consistent with a death at Biggin.
From the A list I can find Burton registered at Bromley,Stickland at Hawarden, and Stone at Hollingbourne(?Detling)
From the C list registered at Bromley (?Biggin Hill)are,Baker,33,Barnet,31,Carter,31,Clark.40, Dyning,21, Emery,22,Hudson,20,Mumford,40,Murton,28, Stopher,26,White,50,Whitford,28and Wren,42.
There is also a W SNEDDON,25. I haven't found the others but will look again later
I have now found Moors,26, at Bromley

9th March 2008, 18:47
Hi Again
For Stickland, Hawarden would be consistent with a death at ,or near ,Sealand which was the home of 30 MU mentioned in Amrit's post. The airfield was just across the River Dee and close to the town and airfield at Hawarden..

Henk Welting
10th March 2008, 11:28
Thanks Dick. Look forward to hear from you again on the remaining names.

10th March 2008, 14:28
Hi Henk
Sorry, but so far I have still not found on Ancestry any entries for Peter Yorke, Francis Harris or John Jackson. In your E list I can't find Edna Button, John George, Bertram Imeson or Joseph Musgrove but I note that CWGC has them all buried at Orpington which was used for Biggin Hill Casualties. I didn't find Edward Veal but see that he is buried at Biggin Hill Cemetery.Riggs is the odd one as he is shown as buried in Luton(?his home town) but there is no registration that I could find so nothing to place him at Biggin. I should point that the lists I consult on Ancestry are the national registers and they are filed in 3 Monthly periods and in Alphabetical order by surname , in addition they give first name and some other initials plus age and registration office, so if they are entered in the right place they should show up but ommissions are not unknown and the books from which Ancestry takes it's downloads have been going since 1837

Henk Welting
10th March 2008, 15:21
No problem if info on death registration is absent. The King looseth his right where nought is to be had ! A registration place probably could have been a link to the aircraft lost same day (L2063 - N6472 - R4857).

10th March 2008, 15:30

The death of Francis Beech Harris is registered at Elgin Register Office. Cause of death is given as 'fractured skull, cerebral haemorrhage (accident)'.
Place of death 'Dr Gray's Hospital, Elgin'.

It looks as though he was based at Lossiemouth as he lived in the village and the report came from the assistant adj. of that station.



Henk Welting
10th March 2008, 16:26
Thanks Dave. Will amend my files.

John Larder
14th March 2008, 16:58

Stone confirmed killed in Air Raid - "United in Effort" Story of 53 Sq. Jack Manson Air Britain

Sandy Conway
26th August 2014, 04:03
Do we have any more on Riggs? I'm quite lost in looking for him. He's got to be 30 years old or so in 1940, which has me looking in all directions, pre-war. Any leads on the possibility he was in Canada, early 30's? hockey, Irish-Scots before UK?

26th August 2014, 08:23
But you said he died in 1931 on this thread? http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?2086-William-Charles-RIGGS-died-29-Aug-1942
perhaps you might explain in detail what it is and who you are looking for?

The George E Riggs about can be seen on CWGC website same as all the other Riggs from Commonwealth nations?

Sandy Conway
26th August 2014, 14:07
I was looking at that name, also. My problem is all I have to go on is a visit overseas during pregnancy, my Dad born Feb., 1932; report of "Bud" having been 'shot down' - which could have been family contrivance, I suppose if they found him married, or something. Was it Egypt there would have been enemy fire at that time? The only thing I know for sure was he was involved with this Scots-Canadian , hockey playing family around '31 - in Winnipeg, Manitoba! The other part of the story is that he was Irish. Thanks for your interest,

Martyn A Critchlow
3rd February 2015, 11:17
F/O Peter D.L. YORKE - 31255 - is regd as died in Bromley in Q3 1940 under Peter D Leigh (his full name being Peter Desmond Leigh Yorke)
His address on Probate is shown as Biggin Hill Aerodrome.
A newspaper obituary shows 'as a result of enemy action'


Martyn A Critchlow
19th April 2017, 15:49
Also on this day - AC1 Thomas Joseph Baron - 638908.

Listed as DOAS in Flight.

AIRCRAFTMAN’S FATE Killed by Bullet Which Penetrated Ceiling A verdict of death from haemorrhage as
a result of laceration of a main artery by a bullet accidentally discharged from a rifle, in Strabane on Saturday, on Aircraftman Thomas Barron. Gunner Edward Leslie Parsons, Royal Artillery, said that when he came ofl duty at 4 a.m. on Friday he removed the magazine of his rifle and, thinking it was unloaded, pressed the trigger. The rifle was pointing at the ceiling ...
... Lance Bombadier Leonard George Barron said that he heard Parsons doing something to his rifle, and im mediately afterwards he heard a shot. Upstairs he heard kicking and moaning. He rushed upstairs and saw Aircraftman Barron wriggling on the floor.

Monday 02 September 1940, Belfast News-Letter, Antrim, Northern Ireland


Alex Smart
22nd January 2022, 00:02

400830 - Unaccounted Airwoman & Airmen - 30-08-1940

From Henk's List -

BUTTON, Edna Lenna (Australian) - ACW1c - 886553 - WAAF.
St.Mary Cray Cemetery, Kent.
Killed in Air Raid on RAF Biggin Hill.

SANDO, Kenneth William - AC1c - 402796 - RNZAF.
Christchurch (Bromley) Cemetery, Christchurch City, New Zealand.
Cause of death ? CWGC has the 31-08-1940 ?

BARNETT, James - AC2c - 1352118 - RAFVR.
Ashburton (St.Andrew) Churchyard Extension, Devon.
CARTER, Deric Henry Mervyn - Lac - 511653 - RAF
Barking (Rippleside) Cemetery, Essex.
CRANE, Herbert - AC1c - 920940 - RAFVR.
Islington Cemetery and Crematorium, Middlesex.
CROSS, Richard Major - Lac - 65781 - RAF.
Aldershot Civil Cemetery, Hampshire.
HUDSON, Arthur - AC2c - 1103399 - RAFVR.
Warrington Cemetery,Lancashire.
MOORS, Leonard - AC2c - 1011146 - RAFVR.
Mow Cop(St.Thomas) Churchyard, Staffordshire.
MURTON, Dennis William - AC2c - 961737 - RAFVR.
Tostock (St.Andrew) Churchyard, Suffolk.
RIGGS, George Edward - Lac - 743719 - RAFVR.
Luton General Cemetery, Bedfordshire.
VEAL, Edward Thomas - AC2c - 813038 z RAF (AAF).
Biggin Hill Cemetery, Kent.
WREN, Victor Albert Lane - AC1c - 113797 - RAF.
Barkingside Cemetery, Ilford, Essex.
ROBERTS, Norman Arthur - Civilian.
Orpington Urban District, Kent(But,St.Mary Cray Cemetery,Kent ?).
BUTTFIELD, Edwin Henry Frederick - Lac - 753562 - RAFVR.
City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, Manor Park, Essex.
BURTON, Archibald Charles George - AC2c - 1255083 - RAFVR - 610 Sqn.
Eastbrookend(Dagenham) Cemetery, Essex.
SNADDON, William - AC2c - 995153 - RAFVR.
Alloa(Sunnyside) Cemetery, Clackmannanshire.
WHITFORD, John Leonard - AC2c - 1256603 - RAFVR.
Chingford Mount Cemetery, Essex.
WRIGHT, William - AC1c - 810068 - RAF (AAF) - 610 Sqn.(31-08-1940 ?).
Bebington Cemetery, Cheshire.

BAKER, Alfred - Cpl - 624349 - RAF.
BRUNNING, Thomas Charles Joseph - Lac - 753567 - RAFVR.
CLARK, Percy Cecil - Cpl - 343849 - RAF.
DYNING, James John Quiller (Bill) - Lac - 940164 - RAFVR.
EMERY, Douglas Arthur - AC2c - 958357 - RAFVR.
GEORGE, John Albert - AC1c - 907585 - RAFVR.
IMESON, Bertram Archibald George - Cpl - 514385 - RAF.
JACKSON, John Joseph - AC1c - 810029 - RAF (AAF) - 610 Sqn.
MUSGROVE, Joseph - AC2c - 958359 - RAFVR.
YORKE, Peter Desmond Leigh - F/O - 31255 - RAF.
MUMFORD, Walter Herbert Robert - Cpl - 85081 - RAF.
STOPHER, Eric Harry - AC2c - 964873 - RAFVR.
WHITE, Richard Wemyss - Cpl - 744489 - RAFVR.
The thirteen airmen listed above all rest at St.Mary Cray Cemetery, Kent.

The twentynine Airmen listed above were killed during an Air Raid on RAF Biggin Hill.

STICKLAND, Richard Francis - F/Sgt - 350903 - RAF.
Ryde Borough Cemetery, Isle of Wight.
Killed in an Air Raid on Queensferry while home on leave.

BARON, Thomas Joseph - AC1c - 638908 - RAF - 12 Sqn.
Great Harwood Cemetery, Lancashire.
Killed by accidental shooting by another airman.

STONE, Barrie - AC2c - 639515 - RAF - 53 Sqn.
Ryde Borough Cemetery, Isle of Wight.
Killed in an Air Raid on RAF Detling.

HARRIS, Francis Beach - F/Lt - 39231 - RAF.
Lossiemouth Burial Ground, Moray.
Magister I - T9754 - 22 OTU.

From CWGC -

TWEEDIE, Thomas - Lac - 404067 - RAAF.
Brisbane General (Toonong) Cemetery, Queensland, Australia.
Wirraway - A20-33 - 2 SFTS.

BEST, Herbert Henry - Sgt - 626342 - RAF.
HORSFALL, Alan Albert - Sgt - 580957 - RAF.
SKINNER, Eric William J - Sgt - 743057 - RAFVR.
SMETTEM, Kenneth Richard Killey - P/O - 41877 - RAF.
These four airmen rest at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Gelderland, Netherlands.
They were crew of Hampden I - L4079 - 50 Sqn.

BENTHAM, Henry - Sgt - 552444 - RAF.
BERRY, Ernest Reginald - F/O - 39959 - RAF - Medal of the Royal Humane Society.
SULLY, Alfred Peter - Sgt - 581542 - RAF.
These three airmen rest at Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.
They were crew of Blenheim IV - N3620 - 107 Sqn.

BAINBRIDGE, George Henry - Sgt - 581078 - RAF.
CRAIGIE-HALKETT, Lionel Montague - F/O - 39066 - RAF.
CUNYNGHAME, Wilfred Bertram Stuart - P/O - 41560 - RAF.
HALDANE, Sydney John - Sgt - 551723 - RAF.
MERRYWEATHER, George Edward - Sgt - 547673 - RAF.
PUZEY, Arthur Burnham - Sgt - 755485 - RAFVR.
These six airmen rest at Zelhem(Halle) Protestant Cemetery, Gelderland, Netherlands.
They were crew of Wellington Ic - T2559 - 214 Sqn.

RYNHOUD, Douglas Haig Vaughan - Air Cpl - P/5339 - SAAF.
Nairobi War Cemetery, Kenya.
Hartbees - 816 - 40 Sqn SAAF.

AYRES, William Arthur - Sgt - 610542 - RAF.
HESELTINE, Richard - Sgt - 563144 - RAF.
TOMPKINS, Reginald John - Sgt - 565827 - RAF.
These three airmen are commemorated on the Singapore Memorial, Singapore.
They were crew of Blenheim I - L1545 - 60 Sqn.

EVANS, William Rupert - P/O - 78439 - RAFVR.
Southwick Cemetery, Sussex.
LITTLE, Frank - Sgt - 751534 - RAFVR.
Spondon Cemetery, Derbyshire.
WATT, John Archibald - Sgt - 755255 - RAFVR.
Edinburgh (Liberton) Cemetery, Edinburgh.
These three airmen were crew of Blenheim IV - L9326 - 40 Sqn.

DICKINSON, John Holt - Sgt - 740861 - RAFVR.
Egton (St.Mary) Churchyard, Lancashire.
Hurricane I - P3213 - 253 Sqn.

FRANCIS, Colin Dunstone - P/O - 42211 - RAF.
Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey.
Hurricane I - L1965 - 253 Sqn.

GMUR, Feliks - Kapral(Sgt) - P/780678 - PAF.
Epping Cemetery, Essex.
Hurricane I - R4213 - 151Sqn.

JENKINS, David Nicholas Owen - P/O - 41930 - RAF.
Bagendon (St.Margaret) Churchyard, Gloucestershire.
Hurricane I - P3921 - 253 Sqn.

KING, Eric Bruce - Sqn/Ldr - 32199 - RAF.
Highgate Cemetery, London.
Hurricane I - V7369 - 151Sqn.

NOBLE, Dennis - Sgt - 742128 - RAFVR.
East Retford Cemetery, Nottinghamshire.
Hurricane I - P3179 - 43 Sqn.

GRAVES, Edward Arthur - Sgt - 632826 - RAF.
Eastbourne (Langney) Cemetery, Sussex.
PRIESTLEY, John Sinclaire - P/O - 39934 - RNZAF.
Great Bircham (St.Mary) Churchyard, Norfolk.
These two airmen were crew of Blenheim IV - L9262 - 235 Sqn.

BELL, John Swift - F/O - 90051 - RAF (AAF) - MiD.
Lincoln (Eastgate)(Or St.Peter's) Cemetery, Lincolnshire.
Spitfire Ia - X4248 - 616 Sqn.

JOHNSON, Joseph Inkerman - Sgt - 520406 - RAF.
Towcester Cemetery, Northamptonshire.
Spitfire Ia - R6628 - 222 Sqn.

BURDEN, Richard Colin - LA - FX.77610 - HMS Condor - RN.
Christchurch Cemetery, Hampshire.
HARE, James Charles - LA - FX.77594 - HMS Shark II - RN.
WILLIAMSON, Ian George - Lt(A) - HMS Daedalus - RNVR.
These two Naval Airmen rest at Arbroath Western Cemetery, Angus.
The three Naval Airmen were crew of Shark II - K8913 - 753 Sqn FAA, RN.

Hitchin Cemetery, Hertfordshire.

ECKERT, Fritz - GAF.
Margate Cemetery, Kent.
WAGNER, Heinz - GAF.
RAUSCHERT, Karl-Heinz - GAF.
HEIMEL, Karl, Dr - GAF.
MALBECK, Guenther - GAF.
HARBAUER, Karl-Heinz Johann Moaitz Georg - GAF.
HORNIG, Walter- GAF.
REIS, Walter - GAF.
REIS, Fritz - GAF.
SAAM, Adolf - GAF.
KUENHEIM, Ernst Erhard Vov - GAF.
These nineteen German airmen rest at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire.


22nd January 2022, 01:58


886553 ACW1 Edna Lenna BUTTON WAAF, was an Australian (she spent some time in New Zealand, pre-war), born in Scottsdale, Tasmania, Australia in 1901. ACW1 Button, a Medical Orderly, is believed to have been the first Australian servicewoman killed on Active Service in WW2.


22nd January 2022, 07:19
ROBERTS was an Air Ministry civilian Meteorologist on duty at the time of the raid.
Peter Davies

23rd January 2022, 15:53
ROBERTS was born 14 Mar 1901 (Reg Plymouth). Enlisted RAF Dec 1923 - for 12 yrs as a Clerk. He joined Met Office under an AM scheme to employ ex-Regular Airmen (all this from Lyffe, who researched him).
But still missing his RAF service number!!
Peter Davies

24th January 2022, 05:34
Fw Fritz ECKERT Pilot of He111H-2 ‘A1 + JP’ of 6./KG 53. Killed during combat by RAF fighters during a raid on Radlett, Hertfordshire. The observer took over the controls and made a successful belly landing on a farm land near RAF Manston, Kent.

Hptm Heinz WAGNER Pilot
Fw Adolf SCHMIDT Gunner
Crew of Bf110C ‘M8 + BM’ of 4./ZG 76. Shot down during aerial combat crashing at Enfield Sewage Farm, Wharf Rd., Ponders End.

Ofw Karl-Heinz RAUSCHERT F/Eng
Flg Rudolf ZINNÖGGER Gunner
Crew of He111H-2 ‘V4 + DW’ of 6./KG 1. Shot down crashing at Roy Hill, Hadlow Down, Sussex.

Ofw Waldemar HORNIG Pilot
Fw Günther STAHLBERG Observer
Gefr Dr Karl HEIMEL Radio Operator
Crew of He111H-2 ‘V4 + BV’ of 5./KG 1. Rammed by a Hurricane of 79 Squadron when attacking Farnborough, eventually crashing at Swires Farm, Capel, Surrey.

Hptm Adolf SCHULDT Pilot
Uffz Karl DYROFF Radio Operator
Crew of Bf110D-0 ‘A2 + HK’ of 5./ZG 1. Shot down during aerial combat crashing at Rockfords Nursery, Durants Rd., Ponders End.

Uffz Otto FISCHER Gunner
Fw Ernst Erhard von KUENHEIM Radio Operator
Uffz Adolf SAAM F/Eng
Crew of He111H-2 ‘A1 + JL’ of 3./KG 53 Crashed at Lifstan Way, Southend on Sea, Essex after being damaged during aerial combat

Gefr Leo STILP Gunner
Gefr Fritz RIESS Gunner
Crew of He111H-2 ‘A1 + CR’ of 7./KG 53. Shot down by Hurricanes if 301 Squadron crashing at Hunsdon, Herfordshire.

Oblt Paul WÄCHTER Pilot
Gefr Günther MALBECK F/Eng
Crew of He111H-2 ‘V4 + GV’ of 5./KG 1. Shot down during aerial combat over Surrey crashing at Mannings Heath, Sussex.

Ofw Karl-Heinz Johann Moritz Georg HARBAUER Pilot Bf109E-4 ‘White 1 + -‘ of 4./JG 2. Crashed at Walderslade, Chatham, Kent.

Gefr Walter REIS Gunner aboard He111H-2 ‘V4 + HV’ Killed during attack by a Hurricane of 253 Squadron. Force landed at Haxted Farm, Lingfield, Surrey

Ofw Thomas DIETRICH He111H-2 of 5./KG 53 damaged by fighter of 56 Squadron and hit trees while belly-landing at Peebles Farm, Colne Engaine, near Halstead


Andy Marden
5th February 2022, 15:03

HARRIS, Francis Beach - F/Lt - 39231 - RAF.
Lossiemouth Burial Ground, Moray.
Magister I - T9754 - 22 OTU.
>> 22 OTU was not formed until 1941. The unit should read 20 OTU (AIR81/2890 is incorrect)


Alex Smart
5th February 2022, 20:08
Thanks Andy,

Alex Smart
5th February 2022, 20:13
Thanks Andy,
But see this forum's database -

National Archives AIR81 Description Search

AIR81/2890 - Flight Lieutenant F B Harris, Corporal D Johnson: injured; aircraft accident, Lossiemouth, Magister T9754, 22 Operational Training School, 30 August 1940. at C16472228.

Seems that they got so many wrong,yet at that time details would have been fresh to those involved/effected by any fatal crash don't you think ?

Andy Marden
6th February 2022, 12:50
Yes, of course, but it could easily be a typo.
The unit couldn't have been 22 OTU, which didn't exist at that time. The word "School" also seems to be an error.

6th February 2022, 13:27
Form 1180 confirms unit as No.20 OTU

Normally the detail in the F1180 is what is used in the Casualty File and so error in the F1180 is carried forward.

There is a growing pile of evidence that in creating the document title for the TNA Discovery transcription errors have crept in at TNA level.


14th March 2022, 15:47
William Wright 819068 , was killed in an Air raid at RAF Biggin Hill at 18:00 Hours

22nd August 2023, 12:47
Regiment & Unit/Ship
Civilian War Dead


Date of Death
Died 30 August 1940

Age 24 years old

Buried or commemorated at

Civilian War Dead

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Headstone Placeholder
Country of Service
United Kingdom
Additional Info
Daughter of Patrick and Angela Cremin, of 11 MacCurtain Street, Cork, Irish Republic.

Full name

Mary Josephine 'Trixi' Cremin