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Henk Welting
19th September 2011, 14:10
What were the places of death registration of:

A - Died on active service:
AC2 David A. PRIOR - 1869633.

B - Not found in Flight archives:
LAC John C. MAQUADE - 1104091 - age 33, and
Cpl (WAAF) Dorothy S. ROFFE - 426762.

C - Proposed aircraft losses:
Master I - N7901 - 7 (P)AFU - crashed in forced landing 1 mile W of Peterborough airfield.
Master II - DL195 - 17 (P)AFU - collided with Master DL405 in formation and crashed, Wettenhall Green, near Crewe (DL405 could land safely and on DL195 already have as pilot: Sgt D.C. PORTER - RAAF 410815 who survived the accident).

Regards and thanks for your help.

19th September 2011, 14:43
Henk, Hi,
Assume the 'Peterborough airfield' was the one at Peterborough/Westwood. 1 mile west of that 7 (P)AFU airfield would probably be somewhere in Milton Park (the Estate attached to Milton Hall). The Reg District would, almost certainly be Peterborough (although during WW2 the Soke of Peterborough still existed and any Regs might be under that name. A 'Soke' was an Anglo-Saxon administrative invention!!).
Peter Davies
[PS I was born and brought up within 1 mile of both airfield and Milton Hall.]

19th September 2011, 19:16
Hi Henk
Prior,18, registered at Blackpool, Lancashire
Macquade,33,registered at Sheffield, W Yorkshire
Dorothy Roffe,27, registered at Fakenham, Norfolk
Makes a change for the others not to beat me to it!!

19th September 2011, 19:39
Hi Henk

Prior - He was injured in the head by an exploding hand grenade he was throwing and died in hospital a few hours later, he did not get down as told after throwing the grenade and a splinter hit him in the forehead.


Henk Welting
20th September 2011, 13:40
Thanks Peter, Dick & Malcolm for additional information.

21st September 2011, 09:14
Cpl. D S Roffe is listed as DOAS and her name is spelled with only the Initial D. The srname is scanned as RoHe hence not found.

Cannot see Maquade from searching a manual serach might find him but not right now!

Henk Welting
21st September 2011, 10:19
Could Maquade in the register been listed as Macquade ?


21st September 2011, 10:20
I tried everything maq macq mcq ade ade; J. C. lots of different searches.

1st January 2017, 14:54
Dorothy S Roffe was killed in a road accident while cycling with three others - one of them her younger sister. The accident happened in South Raynham Norfolk. Also killed was Leading Wren Mary Capper who was Dorothy's cousin. Dorothy and Mary were killed instantly when they were hit by a Canadian Army Lorry which had lost control and gone into a skid. The other two cyclists escaped injury. The lorry was driven by L/Cpl Eric Gordon Richardson of the Canadian Army Service Corps. The full details of the inquest and Dororth Roffe's military funeral were reported in the Thetford and Watton Times on Saturday 21st August 1943.

6th June 2018, 11:42

LAC John Cyril MAQUADE - 1104091 - registered Sheffield.



22nd March 2021, 20:44
Arnold Frank Hart 1541751, attached to 501B signals section, he died of acute poliomyelitis in Number 63 general hospital

7th May 2021, 16:00
Hugh McCulloch Montgomerie 1107082, a cook attached to Number 3226 SCU , was fatally wounded in an air raid on Lentini West when wounded in the stomach by AP bomb shrapnel when he left cover under a truck to check a reported unexploded bomb, dying in the ambulance on route to a field hospital

1st July 2021, 10:43
Peter Edgar King 172123 was reported missing believed killed following an air attack on Lentini West Airfield.

3rd December 2021, 16:51
William Brown 1031919 , attached to RAF Gibraltar , suffered extensive accidental burns on 2 August dying in Gibraltar military hospital

9th January 2022, 00:22
David Arthur Prior 1869633 , attached to Number 10 Recruits Centre, was fatally injured during grenade training when he failed to duck into the throwing bay and a splinter from his grenade struck him in the forehead

29th April 2022, 20:20
Kenneth Clarkson 1046198 , attached to 864 AMES , died of bacillary dystentry

10th February 2023, 15:55
Mawlood Taha 7157 I attached to Number 13 Company I was accidently drowned whilst swimming at Majora