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Henk Welting
23rd September 2011, 15:20
What were the places of death registration of:

A - Died on active service:
Sgt Reginald T. FRARY - 655230.

B - Not found in Flight archives:
AC1 Thomas H. GODFREY - 1235945.

C - Miscellaneous:
Sgt (Bombaimer) James D. CLARKE - 1318276 (found a Sgt J.D. CLARKE in Casualty Communique 287, Flight 30-9-1943 p.380 as 'wounded or injured on active service' and another Sgt J.D. CLARKE in Casualty Communique 350, Flight 23-3-1944 p.324 as 'Missing').

D - Proposed aircraft loss:
Boston IIIA - BZ367 - 13 OTU - overshot landing Peterborough.

E - Also looking for cause of death of following airmen:
F/Sgt (Pilot) Harry SABINI - 1272064 - Killed on active service - 2 ADU - buried Fayid War Cem., Egypt, and
F/O (Pilot) Alfred E. TOLLER - 139941 - 601 Sqn (Lentini, Italy) - buried Milan War Cem. (It is possible that he was flying Spitfire ER868 and killed whilst trying to escape from captivity).

Regards and thanks for your help.

23rd September 2011, 15:48
Hi Henk

Sgt Reginald T. FRARY - 655230 - not Eng/Wales
AC1 Thomas H. GODFREY - 1235945 - Cambridge
Sgt (Bombaimer) James D. CLARKE - Chipping Norton


23rd September 2011, 16:48

1318276 Sgt James Duffey CLARKE, was aboard No.21 OTU Wellington IC X9618 that crashed on 14-8-1943, less than a mile from the Enstone runway and caught fire.

AUS420091 F/O (Pupil Pilot) Aubrey James WHITE RAAF +
AUS420941 Sgt (Nav.) Francis Ira HARDAKER RAAF +
AUS426012 F/O (2nd Nav.) Harry Malcolm BEYER RAAF +
1318276 Sgt (Bomb Aimer) James Duffey CLARKE RAFVR +
AUS420066 F/Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Leonard George SELLEN RAAF +
1301143 Sgt (Air Gnr.) H LEWIS Silghtly injured.

See:BCL7/241 - Chorley names only Beyer,Hardaker,Sellen & White.


Henk Welting
23rd September 2011, 17:08
Thanks Col & Malcolm.
The proposed a/c loss Boston BZ367 was not lost 14-8-1943 but 15-8-1943. Another proposed serial for 14-8-1943 was:
Martinet I - JN639 - 82 OTU - crashed in forced landing Main Rad, Carlton, Nottinghamshire.

23rd September 2011, 17:42
Hi Henk,

No.82 OTU ORB has under 15th August

Martinet JN639. Pilot F/Sgt Jenkin J B (uninjured) crashed between Carlton and Ossington at 15.45 hours. Engine failure. A/c Cat E.


24th September 2011, 02:34
Frary doesn't seem to be in Scotland. Maybe Northern Ireland or IoM??

Henk Welting
25th September 2011, 16:10
Brought this thread up to the front page for a possible answer on the airmen listed under "E" in message # 1.
Do hope Ross this was legal what I did; if not please correct me.

5th May 2021, 21:44
Kenneth Hugh Cecil Browne 970756 , was shot in the back and killed North of Agira by what was assumed to be an enemy sniper

5th November 2021, 17:50
William Rogerson 1355517 , was fatally injured at 22:50 by bomb splinters during an air raid at Lentini West, dying of his injuries in Lentini CCS

23rd April 2022, 19:16
Thomas Hilary Godfrey 1235945 , on long term sick leave prior to discharge but who had served on 1651 HCU , died under treatment at Papworth Village settlement of pulmonary tuberculosis

11th November 2022, 15:53
Edward Frank Porter 1201278 was killed in an off duty accident 4 miles North of Sidi Bel Abess when a lorry overturned

3rd December 2022, 17:40
Concerning 655230 Sgt (W/Op A/G) Reginald Thomas Frary, from his death certificate; Died Roe Valley District Hospital Limavady N.I. Cause of death:” Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis, abrasion on face (Shaving)”. My understanding is that, basically, this poor chap cut himself while shaving, the cut became infected and the infection spread to his sinuses. Ultimately the infection caused a blood clot which killed him. He was stationed at Limavady, I believe with 17 OTU Coastal Command.