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Henk Welting
24th September 2011, 15:00
What were the places of death registration of:

A - Died on active service:
LAC Philip J. EARL - 843047, and
AC2 Thomas W.E. - MARSHALL - 1697589.

B - Killed on active service:
Sgt (Nav) Ronald J. COPEMAN - 1331703.

C - Not found in Flight archives:
Cpl James S. JOHNSON - 853637 - 919 (Balloon) Sqn (Birkenhead), and
AC2 William P.M. REGAN - 1686198.

D - Proposed aircraft loss:
Boston IIIA - BZ367 - 13 OTU - overshot landing Peterborough.

Regards and thanks for your help.

24th September 2011, 15:46
Hi Hank

LAC Philip J. EARL - 843047 - Surrey Mid Eastern
AC2 Thomas W.E. - MARSHALL - 1697589 - Derby
Sgt (Nav) Ronald J. COPEMAN - 1331703 - Peterborough (BZ367?)
Cpl James S. JOHNSON - 853637 - 919 (Balloon) Sqn (Birkenhead) - Liverpool North
AC2 William P.M. REGAN - 1686198 - Surrey North Western


Henk Welting
24th September 2011, 16:56
As ever thanks Malcolm for prompt reply.
Regards and good weekend,

6th June 2018, 12:25

LAC Philip J. EARL - 843047 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at Horton Hospital, Epsom.

Sgt (Nav) Ronald J. COPEMAN - 1331703 - the Graves Registration Report Form lists his unit as 13 O.T.U.

Cpl James S. JOHNSON - 853637 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at Walton Hospital, Rice Lane, Liverpool.

AC2 William P.M. REGAN - 1686198 - the Surrey Advertiser of August 28th 1943 reported the following:

The death of A.C.2 William Patrick Regan (18), R.A.F., of 6, Argyll Avenue, Hounslow, who was drowned in the Thames at Egham while bathing on the previous Sunday, was the subject of an inquest conducted by the Surrey Coroner (Mr. G. Wills Taylor) at Egham on Friday of last week. A verdict of "Accidental death" was recorded.



5th May 2021, 21:47
Ernest Henry Dipple 1187752 , attached to 121 MU, was dangerously injured in an air attack at Lentini West at 22:30 hours on 11th August and died of his wounds in Number 40 mobile field hospital

5th May 2021, 21:50
John Alexander Henlen Bascombe 1860937 , was killed in an on duty collision between an RAF and an army vehicle 3 miles south of Catania on the Bentini road

27th May 2021, 15:11
Harry Norman Bateman 657523 ,

Robert Henderson 1379032 ,

Robert Dowds 978632

were lost at sea in Wellington LB142. I have no idea why there is a discrepancy in the dates of death

8th June 2021, 13:42
Michael Denis Collins 1381769 , was taken seriously ill on 19 July and was admitted to the 39th Indian general hospital at Mindapore, where he died of typhoid

11th January 2022, 22:46
Philip James Earl 843047 , attached to SHQ at RAF Gravesend not 2 Squadron as per CWGC, died in Horton EMS hospital, Epsom of glandular fever

5th July 2022, 06:11
Mavis Myrtle Burrowes 91725 , died in the Royal Adelaide hospital of tuberculosis meningitis

9th September 2022, 22:31
Albert Edward Cullen 1204766 , attached to RAF Shaibah, was admitted seriously ill to Number 61 British General hospital on 23 July , where he died of acute osteomyelitis of the ileum

21st June 2023, 18:27
Thomas William Edward Marshall 1697589 | attached to RAF Redcar | was admitted seriously ill to the King Edward VII chest hospital, Midhurst, on 7 April suffering with long abscess and acute pleurisy. Transferred to the Derby City Hospital on 29 May, he died of carcinoma of the left bronchus with his wife, Mrs. T. W. E. Marshall, of Mappleron, Ashbourne, at his bedside