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30th November 2011, 11:14
W.Cdr Aubrey Rickards OBE. AFC, P/O. Robert Henry McClatchey and A.C.1 Leslie George O'Leary were killed in a Vickers Vincent Crash of 84 Squadron on October 30th 1937 at Khor (also written as Khawr) Gharim on the southern coast of Oman and was buried there. They were reburied at Muscat in 1998

Note: Khor Gharim is listed as in Iraq in some accounts of this incident but it is in Oman, the confusion is that 84 Sqn were based in Iraq at the time

I have seen both serials K6343 and K6336 quoted for thsi aircraft but both of these later went to New Zealand as
NZ351, n/a, Previously K6343 and NZ346, n/a, Previously K6336 - So the real Id is a mystery can anyone with access to the K File confim the serial please many thanks Paul

30th November 2011, 15:43
Hi Paul

I have them as possibles in K6346.


30th November 2011, 16:06

K6346 That may make sence as a combination from

K63'43' and K63'36'


13th December 2011, 19:15
This my first post to this forum , having googled 'aubrey rickards' and came across your enquiry .

Wing Commander A R M Rickards , O.B.E., A.F.C., who was killed in the accident on 30 October 1937 in Oman , was my uncle .

I have a significant archive of documents / photos relating to his career and can confirm that the
correct serial for the Vincent is K6346 , although as you point out , this was corrupted in some of the contemporary reports of the accident .

I could provide evidence if required .

14th December 2011, 09:53

Glad you found the posting and could confirm the serial

I found reference to the loss when searching the Brtish Newspaper Archive



Tony H
8th February 2014, 13:17

I happened to stumble on this thread earlier today whilst researching the accident. I'm temporarily in Muscat and visited the cemetery this morning and took images of the graves of all three crew. I'm unfortunately unable to upload them, but if anyone want them please PM me

Tony H

18th August 2015, 15:47
Aubrey Rickards owned this Sopwith Pup B1087 G-EAVX in 1918


It still exists and has gone on show