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Steve Brew
5th December 2011, 07:40
I thought many of you may be interested in the following book, which has just been published:

"Airborne Animals and Cockpit Companions", by Colin Pateman (ISBN 1-84683-126-1)

"An illustrated account of the various animals kept as pets and mascots by wartime airmen"

From the flyer:

"In this enjoyable and informative book, Colin Pateman tells the story of the animal mascots and companions adopted by air force personnel and squadrons of various nationalities during World War II – dogs, cats, goats and sundry other creatures whose presence provided a welcome distraction from the stresses of warfare and an important boost to morale.

Many animals took to the air as passengers in various types of aircraft and there are some remarkable tales of their antics. One dog, for instance, was washed up alive on the Yorkshire coast four weeks after the aircraft in which he was flying was lost over the North Sea. Another dog, after surviving a crash landing, went to seek help and led rescuers back to the crashed aircraft and its injured crew. Then there is the Cocker Spaniel believed to have clocked up more flying hours than any human in World War II...

There are humorous tales too, such as the goat who ate a Lancaster pilot’s handling notes in mid-flight, the bull terrier with a taste for motorcycle tyres or the monkey who disgraced his Squadron by exposing himself to the King during a royal visit...

Very much an international collection, there are stories of animals owned by airmen of many nations, including the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Poland, France and Germany, as well as many from the UK. An entertaining read for any animal-lover and of particular interest to former air force personnel of all nations."

"Airborne Animals & Cockpit Companions" can be purchased through: www.woodfieldpublishing.co.uk or tel. 01243 821 234 (int. +44 1243 821 234) or via Amazon, and you can also contact the author directly, Colin Pateman, a Police Dog Handler, on rafmascots@aol.com


8th December 2011, 09:23
I've ordered the book from the author .Animals, esp stray dogs were sometimes "adopted " by squadrons at their bases in Italy.

19th December 2011, 09:37
I would like to thank the members who have received my book and provided the encouragement of positive comments. This subject has not been visited previously and some accounts clearly evidence the amazing support that these dogs/animals gave to the pilots and aircrews. Thanks again. Colin.

David Wallace
19th December 2011, 16:21
I just looked it up online, what a great subject and cover picture. Just ordered it - Merry Christmas to me!
Great job Colin.
Seasons Greetings to all
Dave Wallace