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Mikkel Plannthin
11th December 2011, 11:35
In 1940, a E.F.T.S. is established at Kallang in Singapore. This was the Malayan authorities contribution to the BCATP as I understand it.

Did this E.F.T.S. have a number?


Mikkel Plannthin

Graham Boak
11th December 2011, 12:10
It is not listed in the appropriate Air Britain book - there may be more in the second edition which I do not have.

However, there is no entry for a No. 23 EFTS.

11th December 2011, 12:39

Bloody Shambles, Vol.1.(p.27), mentions the following:

In addition the Malayan Volunteer Air Force (MVAF), ran the Elementary Flying Training School, financed by the Malayan Government as their contribution to the Empire Air Training Scheme. Courses for 16 cadets at a time lasted ten weeks, air and ground instructors being supplied by the MVAF and RAF. Commencing in September 1940, the course had turned out about 100 pilots by the time of the Japanese invasion, some of whom were to see notable service with the RAF in other theatres of war.

On p.58, the School is also referred to as the; "Government Flying Training School, Kallang".


Mikkel Plannthin
11th December 2011, 14:53
Graham and Col
Thank you. I have 'Bloody Shambles' in my "library".

'Government Flying Training School' is used in the Singapore newspapers at the time as well. Actually, I am surprised by the level of detail in these newspaper articles, giving for instance the names of individual air cadets enrolled in the school in 1940.


Ian M Macdonald
11th December 2011, 15:16
For the record, yes the second edition does include 23 EFTS; short-lived, operated by Short Bros 1st April 1938-2nd September 1939 at Rochester and then to Sydenham where it was disbanded and merged into 24 EFTS the following day.
Ian Macdonald

Mikkel Plannthin
12th December 2011, 17:51
The Flying Training School in Singapore was operated by the Singapore Flying Club.