View Full Version : Fl Lt Charles Noel Drabble-Fate

15th December 2011, 16:58
Fl Lt Charles Noel Drabble is buried in the Rangoon cemetery with a death date of September 8,1945. Does anyone know the cause of death?

15th December 2011, 20:42

RAF Overseas War Deaths 1939-48 - lists his unit as 181 Wing

Formed 9.6.43 as 180 Signals Wing at Imphal controlling AMES and Wireless Units
To Rangoon 3.7.45 disbanded 3.46


17th December 2011, 21:41
I was trying to find out if he was killed in an aircraft accident. T

19th December 2011, 09:22
There is a newspaper cutting on ancestry.com saying he was late of Buenos Aires, Argentina and temporarily of Went House, West Malling, Kent.

Its says he died on 8th Sep 1945, but I don;t think this cutting, which is a request for debtors to contact his estate etc takes into account if he was KOAS, KIA DOAS etc.

He is on a few family trees on ancestry.com so I am askign one tree owner who says he died in an accident.