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Phil Listemann
9th January 2012, 13:53

Singapore K3595 crashed into hill in Sicily in 15.02.37 during its ferry flight ot Singapore. It was captained by F/L H.L. Beatty and in all nine lives were lost. Can anyone know the names of the other crewmen (and service number if possible).

Many thanks in anticipation


9th January 2012, 14:00
Phil it was 15th Feb 1935!

9th January 2012, 14:10
K3595 Crashed Friday 15th Feb 1935

Crew all killed

Flight Lieutenant Henry Longfield Beatty
Flying Officer John Alexander Charles Forbes
560464 Sergeant Herbert James Willis
365552 Leading Aircraftman William Patrick Wallace
363239 Leading Aircraftman Roland Dennis James Rees
562415 Leading Aircraftman Cyril Norton Allen
359103 Corporal Stephne Thomas Bailey
564901 Aircraftman (First Class) Leslie Wogan
Mr. Reginald John Penn (Passenger) from Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough