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4th February 2012, 12:47
From King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions, 1942.

2105 - Index Cards

1. In every unit index cards (Forms 678 and 678A) will be kept in respect of every airman borne on the strength of the unit.

2. Form 678 (trade index card) will contain details of an airman's trade and also a record of leave granted. Form 678 will accompany an airman's documents when they are transferred from one unit to another, or are sent to the Officer i/c Records.

3. Form 678A (alphabetical trade index card) is the unit's own alphabetical record of all the airmen borne on its strength. The cards will not be transferred from one unit to another, but each unit will prepare for its own use a card in respect of every airman who joins the unit on posting or attachment. Command or group headquarters at home will not maintain an index other than in respect of airmen borne on the strength of the command or group headquarters.

4. While an apprentice or boy entrant is serving at a school of training no record will be kept on Form 678 of the periods of leave granted to him; but if on posting to another unit on completion of training, the full period admissable under para. 1395, or no leave at all, has been granted to him during the current leave year a note to that effect will be made on Form 678. In the absence of such a note it will be assumed that the airman's service counting for leave, under para. 1394, clause 2, commences from date of posting.

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Form 678B was used to record leave granted to an airman and was part of the documentation that would follow him from posting to posting.

The mechanism for passing the grant of leave to Command or group headquarters was the POR Personnel Occurance Report.

Example of Form 678B

Above Commonwealth of Australia (National Archives of Australia)


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In practice very few of the Trade Index cards (Form 678A) have survived but where a unit has been required to move station or Command the ORB sometimes contains a movement order.

This details the Air Party, Advance Party, Main Party and Rear Party.

All the unit personnel are named, sometimes with their trade and can be considered a snapshot of the Form 449 and Form 678A for the unit on that day.