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26th March 2012, 19:40
The above named's death is recorded on the CWGC site as 29 October 1942 and he is commemorated on the Singapore Memorial - no known grave. He was a ground tradesman (metal rigger) and not aircreew. There is an excellent website on No. 211 Sqn which shows him as POW(?). However, there is no record of him in the Japanese archives and whilst I know that the records that survive are no 100% accurate, I would have thought that had this man been captured and died in captivity there would have been mention of it - and indeed a place of death. The squadron's personnel were mainly killed or taken prisoner with dates in Feb/March, with very few escaping from Java. My question therefore is - and this plea for help - what happened to Sgt Gore? Where was he from early Feb until late October? Could he have escaped from Java onto another island only to meet his death later? I have contacted the CWGC enquiring if they can validate the date of death, but no response as yet. Any help would be appreciated.

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26th March 2012, 20:02
There is a previous thread on JA Gore:


I am not sure it answers all your questions but it may be a start point

Hope it helps

26th March 2012, 21:44

F/Sgt J.A. Gore, was evacuated from Tjilajap, Java, on 2-3-1942 aboard the RAFA 'Tung Song'. The 'Tung Song' arrived at Fremantle, Western Australia, on 13-3-1942. Gore was processed by No.5 Embarkation Depot, Perth, and attached to the RAAF.

You can read the documentation here:


See: p.50 of 289.

(Scroll down, and you will find his name about mid-page)

Source: http://users.cyberone.com.au/clardo/the_far_east.html

I have no idea of his further movements, or how he met his end!


27th March 2012, 00:12
Peter and Col,

Very many thanks. These links take me into fresh pastures.

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27th March 2012, 09:06
Col, link to ANA is expired, what is the file reference?

27th March 2012, 10:22

Here is another link to the No.5 ED RAAF file:


As before: go to p.50 of 289.


Henk Welting
29th March 2012, 17:19
I've him as a passenger on SS Abosso en route from Cape Town to Liverpool and torpedoed by U.575 700 miles NW of the Azores (4830N-2850W).

30th March 2012, 19:27

Brilliant. Grateful for all the info in response to my plea for help. Again, thanks.


6th November 2013, 13:51
I hope this thread has not gone cold. My father Sgt William Bromley was also returning from Australia where he was an armourer. He was on the Abosso and according to his diary he was sharing a cabin with James Gore, Sidney Rhodes and Herbert Birtwhistle.
My father was one of the 31 survivors and describes the moment the torpedo struck in detail.
After his return he was asked by his CO to visit the families of the RAF boys he was with. One of them lived very near him in Highgate, North London. I assume this was the family of James Gore who is described as living in St Pancras.
I have a lot of information on the tragedy surrounding the Abosso so please contact me.

bruce dennis
7th November 2013, 08:03
Hello Caroline,
Welcome to RAFCommands, and thanks for the story of your father visiting the families of the lost RAF men.

The tale of the Abosso has come up in a project of mine and I would be interested in any more of the story you are willing to share. Perhaps you would send me a PM if you would like to discuss the naval events?