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5th June 2012, 15:01
As some of you may have heard, the federal government in Canada has been cutting back on some services at Library & Archives Canada (and a lot of other places, but that's another story...).

The researcher I use has reported that the changes have lengthened the already long time it takes to obtain photocopies of files, which doesn't affect him when taking his own digital copies on site, however... If the box containing the files has been sent out for photocopying, this makes all the files in that box unavailable for as long as a few weeks.

I am currently waiting for him to copy one file caught up in this delay. I can't imagine what it has done to the wait time for mail requests for photocopies or "genie" packages, which was already around 6-8 months.

The digitization program is proceeding, but not quickly, so it will be a while yet before the access improves.

8th June 2012, 00:59
If a KIA file, then we are at the whim of the researchers ordering boxes of files. Being at LAC every other week, I seldom have that issue pop up, but it happens.

If not a KIA, then order via ATIP. Turn around time is 30 days.


15th July 2012, 12:00
Hi Danny,

Sorry I missed your reply as I didn't get a notification - must work only for the main category.

I am not familiar with ATIP, can you explain what it is please?


2nd August 2012, 13:33
Same here mate, no notification so sorry about the delay.

ATIP = Access to Information

You need to complete the appropriate form and send in a cheque or credit card information for $5 to Library and Archives Canada requesting a copy of the file in question. According to the legislation they have 30 days to return the materia to you. I am told that if you want to apply for the file without going through ATIP then the turn around time is 6 months.


2nd August 2012, 14:54
Ahhh, of course. Having paid the $5 fee, are we then still on the hook for the copying charges? And will they redact the file in any way?

2nd August 2012, 18:20
No copying charges up to 125 pages.

The file will be redacted if the person you are researching hasn't passed away more than 20 years. If less than 20 years, then you get non-personal information. More than 20 years, you get basically everything you ask for.