View Full Version : Three Aircraft Hawker Nimrod Collision 30th April 1937 - 800 Sqn Droxford Hants

8th August 2012, 09:28
In this one I know the full circumstances, pilots and serials but not right match up. On 30th April 1937 a flight of three Hawker Nimrod aircraft from 800 Sqn (S1615, S1631 and K4625) were flying in formation with one aircraft above the other two at Droxford Hants. The top one aircraft then nosed dived and collided with the other 2. Two pilots bailed out, the third was killed. The pilot who was killed was Sgt Harry Croft #560053, the two who survived were Flt/Lt James Winter Carmichael More and Sgt Hugh Philips Hopkins.

I am hoping someone can match names to individual aircraft in this case
Many Thanks


8th August 2012, 16:45
Ray Sturtivants wonderful tome agrees with your names and gives...............

S 1615 Flt Lt JWC More RAF

S 1631 Sgt HF Hopkins

K4625 Sgt HF Croft RAF

8th August 2012, 16:53

Thnaks for looking that up for me