View Full Version : Anyone going to TNA any time soon?

Steve Brew
27th August 2012, 12:27
If anyone is planning to go to the NA shortly, would they kindly photograph for me 1 to 7 August 1940 of the 41 Squadron ORB's F541 (i.e. not the F540), please? It may be one to three pages, but shouldn't be more. The ORB is on microfilm in AIR 27/424.

Thanks very much in advance


Mark Hood
27th August 2012, 13:34

Have you tried:-


by Robin Barnes, free of charge.

Old RAF Records is a private website which publishes, and makes available for search, records from the National Archives AIR Series 27. (free of charge).

Although "www.google.co.uk" is saying that "the webpage cannot be found" (in the background), I have ignored this and pressed the search option, entered 41 in the drop down, plus date to the ORB page links and tried a link and got the actual 41 Squadron August 1940 ORB page, which opened ok.

Right cursor click on each ORB page and you should be able save them. I saved various ORB page dates of interest a while back.


27th August 2012, 14:02
Hi Mark, many thanks for interesting link. It works perfect for the dates which Steve needs.


Steve Brew
28th August 2012, 07:43
Brilliant! Thanks Mark. I'd forgotten about that resource.