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17th September 2012, 20:17
Folks, I've been moving house and need to off load a few things.

One odd little book is Desert Squadron by Victor Hourt, a Belgian serving in 272 Squadron.

Its a small 1960 edition, Corgi book.

Its available to a good home for say, a donation to maybe Help for Heroes or a veterans charity maybe.
If anyone is interested, first come forst serve.
Oh its not a detailed book, its a mans memories.

18th September 2012, 12:45
PM me for details.

BTW - I'll be slow in replying, as I'm going away for a few days.

27th September 2012, 15:44
ok, John

thats in the post to you know, please bear in mind that if you were to buy this on the internet, abebooks.com etc you coudl end up spending up to 40 dollars. Please bear this in mind in your donation, the money is not going to me remember, not covering my postage, the gesture is intended to be for the charity and reflect the value of the item and the bargain you get.

28th September 2012, 07:40

Your original post gave no idea whatsoever of the "value" of the item.

Old Corgi paperbacks are readily available for 50p.

Perhaps, in retrospect, it would have been wise to suggest a minimum donation when posting?

28th September 2012, 07:59
I really didn't think one needed to point out a minimum donation amount.

You've got your 50pence book now so. Enjoy it.