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18th September 2012, 11:07

As part of my mystery bale outs I am trying to understand a bit around 45 Sqn B Flight detachment in Kenya 1935 to 1936

Five Fairey IIIFs of 45 Sqn accompanied by four Victoria aircraft of No. 216 (B.T.) Squadron arrived Nairobi 25.9.35

The Times, Wednesday, Nov 27, 1935:

Machine of No 45 (Bomber Squadron) R.A.F., was forced down in the Ngong Hill's near Nairobi and damaged. P/O C. L. Gomm was uninjured, but Aircraftman Bryant was taken to hospital suffering from cuts and bruises
This is Fairey IIIF Mk.IVB K1716 "Caught in downdraught & flew into hills."

However, on 29.12.35 Flying Officer C.C. Francis (Conrad Charles) was killed when the III F of which he was the pilot, crashed near Nairobi. His passenger Cpl H J Bryant (Herbert James # 365650) died in hospital (30.12.35) Note: Same Bryant as on K1716 above

F/O C C Francis quoted as (No 216 Sqn)

Can anyone ID this aircraft ???

It appears quite a challenging time for 45 and 216 Sqn as The Times Tuesday, Dec 31, 1935: says "Four aeroplanes, three bombing machines and one troop-carrier have been damaged since arrival at Nairobi of a total of nine machines last September"

BTW I am working on theory that the loss of S1204 on February 8, 1936 was on the occasion of it returning back to Sudan from B Flight in Nairobi and this is what 47 Sqn ORB Feb 1936 refers to - "On 9th eight aircraft left Khartoum to search for a Fairey IIIF which had force landed when flying from Juba to Malakal. The lost aircraft was located near Ket on 10th and the flight returned on the 12th. "

B Flight 45 Sqn started to re-equip with Gordons in Jan 1936.

The possible routing back to Helwan from Nairobi would be a reverse of the flight in Sept 1935 which brought 45 Sqn from Sudan to Kenya which involved routing from "Malakal to Juba" on 23.9.35

Thanks to Wing Cmdr Jefford for the heads up on this possibility...

Paul McMillan

18th September 2012, 14:24
Hi Paul

I have it as JR9827


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All helping to give me "mental picture" of the Aircraft involved