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26th September 2012, 11:18
I have a brief record of a 'F/O D Scrogie" of 19 Sqn who on October 17 1933 baled out of Bristol Bulldog K2160 over Hinxton, Cambridge

Can anyone ID him further based on this info. He may not even have been an officer

London Gazette and Flight thro up no hits on his surname as spelt (but could be wrong)

Many Thanks


26th September 2012, 11:54
have you looked at RAF lists on the Scottish library website?

or the London gazette indexes for 1930-1933?

26th September 2012, 12:09
Yes both those sources.. I was hoping someone here has AFL for 1933 and can look up 19 Sqn for me and see what 'is near'

26th September 2012, 12:10

Spin recovery problems were still occurring with the Bulldogs. One such occurrence was in November (1933), concerning K2160. The Bulldog went into a flat spin from which the pilot baled out. ( Pilot Officer D. Scorgie*, of "B" Flight).

Fighter Squadron.
Upton-upon-Severn:The Self Publishing Assoc.,1991.

* Name confirmed in:

Bulldog:The Bristol Bulldog Fighter.
pp.58 & 166.


26th September 2012, 12:11
D Scorgie!!!! London Gazette Index, last quarter 1932
Gazette page 7748

Search harder!

Ancestry.com have a 1935 appointment to the Post office of a Dudley Scorgie a year after his apparent dismissal by courts martial from the RAF. Post Office rool appears to be "Cert W'less" so maybe a telegraph role?

He would seem maybe to be back flying again in 1942, but a check of AIR78 ought to tell fi there were two men of that name.

26th September 2012, 12:44

Thanks for this - Full details for this one are as follows

Bale Out Date: October 17, 1933
Name and rank: P/O Dudley Scorgie
Orgnisation: RAF
Serial: K2160
Location: Hinxton, Cambridge
Unit 19 Sqn
Notes: Bristol Bulldog Hinxton . Abandoned in flat spin

26th September 2012, 15:25
Paul, Hi,

Looks like there were two 'D Scorgie' in the RAF. If I read the runes correctly then your man was 115082. The other was 195422, and in the VR(T). Yr man came back in via the RAFVR as a Sgt Pilot in 1937. He ends up as a Flt Lt (and with an AFC - 1 Jan 49). A Dudley Scorgie appears to have married 3 times (glutton for punishment)!!!!!!. But which one is which I don't know. Yr Dudley seems to have died in 1985 (birth date 17 Nov 1911). Sounds like he had an interesting life (or, as the Chinese Curse has it, "May you live in interesting times".). Might make a good footnote!!

Peter Davies

26th September 2012, 15:33
Using the method of checking those in his intake who continued serving during WW2, I suspect that Scorgie's service number during the period of his SSC was 32018. Regards, Terry

26th September 2012, 15:46
And on a slightly different tack (although connected!), can anybody tell me why Air Ministry/MoD, etc, are so coy about revealing Courts Martial charges. If you get "done" in a UK Civil/Criminal Court (for anything from Treason Against The Sovereign's Majesty, to Cheeking A Policeman/Traffic-Warden) the Record goes in the Public Domain fairly smartly. A Court Martial is - as I understand it - nothing more nor less than the same procedure for the Military (but with different parameters).
Presumably, one could go through the whole FOI nausea to get the Charges - and then have to do it again, and again, for each individual event. Anybody tried it?
Where is Jonny when we need him?
Peter Davies