View Full Version : Car Parking Charges coming in at TNA

2nd April 2008, 08:20
Hi all. Not an RAF Commands enquiry but some news, just to let you know ...

Dropped in at Kew briefly yesterday and found they're installing access barriers for the car park. The guy on reception didn't know when the charges will be introduced but no doubt it won't be too long now.

So for any occasional visitors going to Kew ... you'll need to have cash for car parking with you in the future.

Yet another tax on the poor ol' motorist! :-(


2nd April 2008, 18:37

Thanks Ian for informing us. There was a poll about car park fees last year (december ?). I'll check the TNA site to know about the fee. Visiting from France by car and through the Channel tunnel, this car park is very convenient, as for those who can't use tube / buses and are coming from far. We'll see...


2nd April 2008, 21:09
I wonder if this charge will also apply to those of us arriving by motorcycle? Because of the difficulty in attaching a parking ticket to a bike with any degree of security at all, most car parks set aside room for free parking for motorcycles. I hope that TNA implements a similar policy :)



Stewart McLoughlin
2nd April 2008, 23:30
I don't think I'll be coming on my motorbike from where I live Greg.
You struggle to get down on the train unless you want to do an overnight stay and have to travel in the afternoon because of the exorbitant day time fares. When I go to the NA's I invariably do an overnighter, West End show, with the late opening night linked in, so I'll be paying for 10 hours in a London priced car park, followed by an eight hour stay, having already been caught on Livingstone's camera for being inside the M.25.
All this does not allow my public service pension to go very far. It's is almost getting to the stage of giving it all up. All the streets around the NA's are controlled parking so the business park nearby is going to attract us, until they cotton on and start clamping.
Is this the welcome that our national repository extends to us? It's just another stealth tax!!!
I suppose you get the impression that I am not a happy Teddy!!!

6th April 2008, 16:51
I think the idea is that you take a ticket on arrival at the barrier, which you validate once leaving the lobby. No money changes hands.
I suppose it is to stop shoppers at the adjoining shopping complex from using the facility.
Or am I being too optimistic?

Steve Smith
6th April 2008, 17:49
I was there on Weds and asked the NA security guys when the new car park charges were going to be introduced. They were not 100% sure but thought it was the end of the month. On Weds the car park was full so I parked in the nearby shopping complex, I wonder how long it will be before they cotton-on. ??

Lastly the current motorcycle parking arrangement will be chargeable also.

Stewart McLoughlin
6th April 2008, 23:46
Hoping to get a camper van this year to allow me to go around the country researching and do over-nighters at the N.A.s taking in the late opening night. Saves on the 80ish B & B's in the area. Wonder if there'll be a separate charge for this/if any?