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28th September 2012, 09:46

I have been onto the National Archives to try and find the 39 Sqn ORB for 1939 but it is missing. (or I can't find it) does anyone have it? I can find upto Dec 1938 and from Jan 1940 - but no 1939

I am trying to ID a "Mr R. C. R. Tapper" could be Yapper (1 reference) but most references have "Tapper" who baled out of a Bristol Blenheim serial L1546 that was lost at Kutumba, India August 9, 1939 - A/C.2 Richard Wallace Bloss also baled out but the rest of the crew were killed. Who were Wing Cdr. Burton Ankers DSO DCM, Cpl. Robert Samuel Gilbert and A/C.1 Arthur Reginald Harris

Warner in Bristol Blenheim has 'all crew killed' but this was not the case

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28th September 2012, 10:36
I think I have a possible hit on Mr Tapper by working on a theory he was a representative of Bristiols

Indian aviation:
a monthly illustrated journal devoted to popular flying in Indian, Volumes 31-32 1948

"Agent in India Mr. C. R. Tapper representative of The Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd, 11-A. Prithvi Raj Road New Delhi 1948"

There is a Cecil Rendle Tapper who has a RAoC Licence around this time (approx 1938) - He was training with at the Bedford School of Flying

There is a Cecil Rendle Tapper on electoral roll for 1929 for Paddington

28th September 2012, 11:51
There is a Cecil Tapper arriving in England, 22nd December 1938, from Bombay. His proposed address is 10 South Rd, Kingswood, Bristol. Aero Engineer, aged 27. Arriving from Bombay.

Also, 30th July 1948 arriving in England, from Bombay, C R Tapper and Mrs W Tapper - proposed address 8 Little London, Chichester, Sx. Aero Engineer and last country of permanent residence - India.

His Club cert states Cecil Rendle Tapper, Court Rd, Cranfield, Bletchley, Beds, born 10th June 1911 at Chichester. Profession - Engineer. Cert taken on Avian - Gipsy 1 100HP at Bedford Aero Club, 18th September 1938.

Also a mention in the LG of 1930 regarding a commission in the TA.



28th September 2012, 11:58

I am happy that "Mr R C R Tapper" in newspaper reports should be actually "Mr C R Tapper" may have a transcribing error in reports. The India and Bristol link seals it for me

Thank you very much!

Thats all Officers and all Civilians Identified so far now for teh more dificult job of Airman and NCOs (unless WO)