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Phil Listemann
3rd October 2012, 19:02
Good evening to All,

Does anyone know who was the OC of 904 Wing in 1944-45 in India?



Zoran Petek
6th March 2015, 16:49
904 Wing Tactical. Formed 1.X.44. OC D.J.P. Lee VI.45. Subordinated to No. 221 GP, Burma, until IX.45. Under AHQNEI (Netherlands East Indies), IX.45: 60, 81 Sqns Thunderbolt Mk II, Java. Active against rebels at Java 45-46. January 1946 based Kamajoram, Java. Composition I.46: 81 & 84 Sqn, 110 Sqn Mosquito (det), 31 Sqn Dakota. 81 Sqn disbanded VI.46. Wing disbanded, together with AHQNEI, 28.XI.46 (other sources 30.XI.44). Last RAF planes on Java, Thunderbolts of No. 60 Sqn destroyed, and No. 60 Sqn personnel send to Singapore.