View Full Version : Pilot Sgt H. "E." Davis 56 Sqn 1936 and 1937

4th October 2012, 16:18
Sgt H. Davis baled out of Gloster Gauntlet K5298 of 56 Sqn over Snodland, Kent on July 7, 1936 after the plane caught fire in the air. He was badly burned around the head and face

He later was part of 56 Sqn that displayed at Hendon in 1937

However I can't (as yet) determined who he actually was.

I who he as at least Pilot Sgt H. Davis and mau have been Pilot Sgt H. "E". Davis

His full details would be appreciated or a clue (maybe first name) that may allow me to ID him fully in Air 78

Thanks again

5th October 2012, 09:22

370569 Harold Edwin DAVIS (50102)

370001 to 370986 16 Jun-30 Sep 1925 Civilians