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17th October 2012, 12:34
On my 1938 Irvin List I have Act PO Sidney Herbert Lyttle baling out of an aircraft (assumed between Jan 5 1938 and Feb 11 1938). He was at 5 FTS Sealand at the time

Can anyone suggest an ID for this aircraft incident???? - He was later killed as a P/O

P/O Sydney (sic) Herbert Lyttle (flying solo) lost his life in an accident which occurred near Saffron Walden on June 21 (1939) to an aircraft of No. 29 Squadron.

Aditionnaly the 29 Sqn serial and type unknown to be at the moment - I would like to know if he was actually Sidney or Syndey as can't find him on freeBMD so maybe not from England

Thanks Paul

17th October 2012, 12:58

No.29 Sqn.
Blenheim IF L1504

Failed to climb after night take-off at Debden and struck trees; destroyed by fire; solo pilot.

P/O Sidney Herbert LYTTLE RAF killed. (LG 1937 p.4670)

Bristol Blenheim/Warner(2nd ed.) p.131.


17th October 2012, 13:14
Col thanks !

Now all I need is his previous incident

Has anyone here 5 FTS Orb for the period?


18th October 2012, 13:08
Date was 27 Jan 1938

No crash but Pilot landed aircraft OK

5 FTS Sealand -
Gloucestershire Echo
Thu 27 Jan 1938
An aircraftman had a parachute descent from a flight over the Lleyn Peninsula, Caernarfonshire today, the pilot of machine, which had apparently developed engine trouble, was able to land it safely at Penrhos. The aircraftman, named Little (sic) also landed safely, although he attained slight injuries

18th October 2012, 13:18
No mention in the ORB of the incident, there is mention of a detachment to Penrhos, No.34 Course (Advanced Training Squadron) were at Penrhos for armament practice from 10-1-38 to 12-2-38. The course finished 19-2-38 with 27 Officers and 12 NCOs completing it.

18th October 2012, 17:30

Thnaks for that it all adds to the context and explains how Lyttle was at Penrhos - Assumimg he was on 34 Course at the time


4th January 2019, 14:08
Found the Pilot of this today

Pilot: F/O Ronald Edmund BAXTER (36055).later Wing Commander. with DFC

Cheshire Observer - Saturday 12 February 1938 Page 7

Chester Pilot's Adventure. Flying Officer R.E.Baxter. son of Minor Canon A. Baxter, Chester, and a friend, Pilot Lyttle, had a thrilling adventure on Thursday. They were flying In a light bomber attached to the Sealand R A.F. Squadron, training at Penrhos and when 1,000 feet over Pwllhell, the controls of their machine jammed. They speedily started to lose height, and as he struggled with the controls, Flying Officer Baxter sheered great pluck and thoughtfulness by telling Pilot Lyttle to Jump by parachute. He landed in a field on Tregarnedd Farm. Dinas and was slightly Injured. Two local men Norris Jones and Griffith Jones, saw his plight and went to his the pilot managed to make a safe landing at Penrhos Aerodrome, and a little worse for his adventure.

All that is now outstanding is type... Probably it was Hawker type: Probably Audax

Ronald Edmund BAXTER died in 1999 I wonder if his log books are still around somewhere!