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29th October 2012, 15:10
I have following:

Flying Officer E.C. Passmore and Aircraftman Bishop.
On 1st October 1930, Flying Officer E.C. Passmore, No. 30 Bomber Squadron, Mosul, Iraq, was flying a Wapiti General Purpose Biplane with Aircraftman Bishop in the passenger seat and when approaching his aerodrome he suddenly and luckily observed that his undercarriage had become completely detached from the port side and was suspended from the starboard!
He at once decided that it would be a safer policy for them to resort to their Irvin Air Chutes, and no doubt he was influenced by the fact only a few days before another pilot of his Squadron had jumped to safety. Certainly to attempt a landing would have meant crashing badly, so he warned Bishop and both leaped together into space over the town of Mosul and floated gently to earth in a 15 mph wind. Neither chute was affected and both went into immediate service again.

These two airmen were the fourth and fifth respectively to escape in Iraq.

Note: Earlier incident referred to was F/O Hugh Lindsay McCulloch September 3, 1930 who thrown from his Wapiti either J9489 or J9623 which had collision over Aqra, Iraq. Gunner "took control of the machine when his pilot was flung out in a collision, and landed down wind with engine full on. The machine turned over with a terrific crash, but he had a wonderful escape."

Can anyone suggest a Wapiti Serial for the 1st October 1930 Incident - The date has not been confirmed by other means yet and neither incident in the copy of the ORB that I have

29th October 2012, 17:28

I've done a quick scan of Johm Hamlin's: Flat Out the story of 30 Sqn.

I could find no reliable reference to the accident. However, there is reference to a parachute jump in January 1931 which is claimed to have been the first abandonment from a sqn Wapiti. Might, therefore, be worth looking later than October 1930.

The index of names does not mention Passmore - who later became quite famous - or the air gunner. The list of Wapitis on the sqn isn't any help with your query. Sorry!!

Colin Cummings

29th October 2012, 17:42

Thanks fro looking in Flat Out The January 1931 incident was January 30, 1931 Sgt. Pilot Herbert Edward Rous and LAC E A Cameron - Another Wapiti that lacks an ID.

ORB has 30.1.1931. The 'C' flt aircraft engine failed in the clouds over Tasluja and the crew abandond the aircraft by parachute.

I have finally managed to put together the full story of the incident on September 3, 1930 - This collision actually resulted in F/O Hugh Lindsay McCulloch baling out of one Wapiti - His Gunner Leading Aircraftsman James Cooper #155269 died. Also F/O Charles Peter Hanlon fell out of the other aircraft and hit aircraft on way out and was slightly injured but parachuted OK - His gunner Leading Aircraftsman Thomas Walter Kent No. 358748 crash landed the aircraft back at base (it turned over) and he was seriously injured. But he recovered to be commisioned as P/O #44019 in WW2

Sadly Hanlon later died on 26 Dec 1930 after discharge from hospital when toxic jaundice developed. He was the brother of Detective John Austin Thomas Hanlon, who represented Britain in 1928 Olympic at Amsterdam and was with the Portsmouth police.

Both Hanlon and Cooper are buired at MA'ASKER AL RASCHID CEMETERY