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The below info has been culled from various sources - can you add any more incidents to the list or add any info such as crew and full details or dates??? - If a success the first on many posts!

00-Jan-31 J7991 Horsley unknown 100 Sqn
02-Jan-31 FAA Blackburn Ripon St Paul's Bay, Malta
03-Jan-31 J9664 Fairey IIIF El Massana
05-Jan-31 RAF Westland Wapiti Shaibah, Iraq 84 Sqn Sqn Ldr Harry Stewart Flying near Shaibah. Persian Gulf, on Monday night, Squadron-Leader Stewart crashed and was killed. Squadron-Leader Stewart, a London man, thirty-seven years of age
05-Jan-31 Fairey IIIF J9137 RAF Crashed at Heacham "Sgt. Pilot Herbert Victor Hudson (deceased 2rd April 1932?) LAC. Howard Charles Molyneux"
06-Jan-31 J9664 Fairey IIIF Habil-Barak
08-Jan-31 K1068 HP Hinaidi ground Upper Heyford collision
08-Jan-31 K1071 HP Hinaidi ground Upper Heyford collision
09-Jan-31 K1095 Bristol Bulldog unknown collision, 54 Sqn - landed safely but DBR.
09-Jan-31 K1607 Bristol Bulldog unknown collision, 54 Sqn
10-Jan-31 Atlas TM J9476 3 FTS Welby Hit some tree's in fog.
10-Jan-31 RAF Wapiti 39 Sqn crashed ar Rifaltur "Sgt James Edward Wren and
Cpl Thomas William Penny Jeffery, AFM killed. Large eagle flying into the machine and breaking a strut. One of 36 machines engaged in practice for the forthcoming air pagaent in Delhi and wa about to land when eagle flew into it. The aeroplane's wings collapsed and it fell to the ground,. Cpl Jeffrey tried to jump out before the crash but his parachute caught in the fuselage.
12-Jan-31 J8865 AW Siskin North Weald collision Fg Off Frank Lemon Yes "Maybe Angell/Lemon aircraft the other way round. - Lemon 'C' Flight - Plt Off David Victor AngellAcquitted at Court Martial
12-Jan-31 J8946 AW Siskin North Weald collision Plt Off David Victor Angell No See 19-Mar-1931 (for incident in which he was killed
12-Jan-31 "Vimy Jupiter F9168 2 FTS Haxey On delivery flight got lost in the dark. Force landed ran along tho road for some distance, hitting one of dyke banks at Westwoodside, near Park Dram. It then somersaulted - Crashed Misson, Notts" "Flt Lt Geoffrey Maynard Edward Shaw,
Pilot Officer John Edward Furlong Chapman, Flight Sergeant Alfred George Rogers #13641 killed
AC Cecil Alfred James Jones #362454 OK Crashed into a dyke bank at Westwoodside, near Park Drain, Misson. See: Tue 13 Jan 1931, Hull Daily Mail found the aeroplane containing Major Bailey and Leading Aircraftsman Thomas Graham in a field, with both of them under the wreckage. Flying from Brooklands to Digby aerodrome - Flying training school attached to No. 23 group of the inland area. Jones maybe in crew below? 3 or 4 in Vimy?
12-Jan-31 Aircraft 2 - 2FTS Forcelanded hit telegraph pole and overturned - Crashed Haxey Lincolnshire - Flying-Officer Henry Bailey, LAC Thomas Graham OK - Maybe Jones - Same Sqn as above. 3 aircraft - 2 landed OK. Hull Daily Mail found the aeroplane containing Major Bailey and Leading Aircraftsman Thomas Graham in a field, with both of them under the wreckage.
12-Jan-31 Aircraft 3- 2FTS Forcelanded OK - Haxey Lincolnshire Crew ?
12-Jan-31 F9178 Vickers Vimy Duxford - Maybe one of the above? - Wrong location?
12-Jan-31 R.A.F. Plane also overturned landing at Manston aerodrome, near Ramsgate, and was partly wrecked 2 crew 1 slightly hurt
12-Jan-31 G-AAUT Blackburn Bluebird seaplane in misty weather. F/Lt Gray and a civilian passenger were rescued uninjured motor launch. Machine fell into se at Harwich Harbour near Felixstowe Station. Seaplane sank. - From Marine Aircraft Experimental
14-Jan-31 S1358 Blackburn Ripon HMS Glorious
19-Jan-31 J8241 Vickers Virginia Worthy Down "F/O Walter Sydney Monroe (1st Pilot)
F/O John Barton (2nd Pilot)
LAC James Stanley Milner (Wireless Operator) all killed FO J R Whitley Injured
19-Jan-31 RAF AW Siskin North Weald
19-Jan-31 FAA Fairey IIIF HMS Courageous
20-Jan-31 J8252 Bristol Fighter Old Sarum
20-Jan-31 FAA Fairey IIIF Spithead
22-Jan-31 J9570 Bristol Bulldog Upavon
25-Jan-31 G-AACW Avro 504K Horley , Surrey, 1/4 mile from Gatwick "Mr. William James Martin
Mr. Sydney Joseph William Meathrel - Royal Aero Club Aviators Certificate 9570
Fg Off Laurence Herbert Irving-Bell (Ret)" all killed "On the afternoon of Sunday, January 25th, 1931, an Avro 504K (serial G-AACW) crashed about 1/4 mile from Gatwick aerodrome, killing the pilot and both passengers. The aeroplane was a wartime machine originally manufactured under licence by G.Parnell & Coy Ltd, and had been completely rebuilt by Southern Aircraft Ltd in the spring of 1929. At the time of the last flight the aeroplane was not equipped with dual control, a false floor having been fitted over the control column socket and the rudder bar of the rear cockpit.

The pilot, Mr. W J Martin, had started to learn to fly at Shoreham in February 1929, and made his first solo flight in June 1930, at which time he had received about 12 hours dual instruction. He qualified for his private licence five weeks later. Up to the day of the accident his total solo flying time was nearly 200 hours. Martin was not very experienced in aerobatics, although a few days before the accident a friend had demonstrated to him how to execute slow rolls.

The first 10 minutes or so of the flight were occupied in carrying out a demonstration in which a number of machines took part and during which nothing in the nature of aerobatics was attempted. Instead of landing at the conclusion of this demonstration, the pilot climbed to a height between 1500 and 2000 feet, and then executed a manoeuver which, to all expert witnesses, appeared to be an abortive attempt to roll and which developed into a spinning nosedive. Twice during its descent, G-AACW ceased to spin and momentarily assumed a straight gliding altitude, only to start spinning in the opposite direction. No one actually witnessed the crash, but the aeroplane had not recovered from the spin when it disappeared below the tree tops.

The investigation report stated that the accident was due to the pilot stalling the aeroplane in an inverted attitude and subsequently failing to make proper use of the controls to effect recovery from the ensuing spin. The two passengers who died were named as Mr. S.J.W. Meathrel and Mr. L.H. Irving-Bell (Ground Engineer).
AIR TRAGEDY. (from Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 27 January 1931)
Three Men Killed.
LONDON, Jan. 25.
Mr. R. B. Waters, proprietor of the Gatwlck aerodrome, when flying this afternoon, was horrified to see an Avro machine, which he had been watching for a quarter of an hour, suddenly dive out of control to the earth, killing the occupants, who were three of his employees, all skilled pilots. They were William Jomes Martin (Penshirst), Sidney James Weathred - Meathrel sic - (Bromley), and L. H. Irving-Bell (Tunbridge). They had gone up on a reconnoitring flight. Irving-Bell served in the A.I.F. and the Australian Air Force. He joined the Royal Air Force In 1919, and retired on account of ill-health in 1922."
26-Jan-31 S1263 Blackburn Iris Mount Batten collision
26-Jan-31 S1353 Fairey IIIF Mount Batten collision
26-Jan-31 S1504 Fairey IIIF ditching test Harwich
27-Jan-31 N9456 Fairey IIID Lee-on-Solent
30-Jan-31 J9053 Fairey IIIF Aden Harbour
30-Jan-31 This incident: 30 Sqn ORB. 30.1.1931. The 'C' flt aircraft engine failed in the clouds over Tasluja and the crew abandoned the aircraft by parachute. "Sgt. Pilot Herbert Edward Rous
L.AC. E. A. Cameron both OK

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Saturday 10/01/1931 Atlas TM J9476 3 FTS Welby Hit some tree's in fog.

Sometimes you get the answers where you do not expect it

Newspapers  Auckland Star  12 January 1931  Page 3




(By Telegraph.—Own Correspondent.)

WHANGAREI, this day,

Mr. G. H. Morrish received the following cable on Saturday from the Air Ministry: "Regret to inform you that your son, Pilot-Officer Douglas Morrish ( (Douglas Warnes Morrish (29075)) , was severely injured in an aeroplane accident at Welby, Lincoln, to-day. He has a fracture of the right leg, and is suffering from shock. He has been admitted to the R.A.F. hospital at Cranwell." ■ Pilot-Officer Morrish was to have sat for his final examination in February