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Henk Welting
3rd April 2008, 16:03
What caused the death of and/or what what the place of death registration for:

Apprentice (Pupil ??) John A. RAWLINGS - 575773 - name not found in the Flight archives.

Regards and thanks for your help.

Henk Welting
3rd April 2008, 16:05
Forgot to mention a proposed aircraft loss for this day:

Wallace II - K6023 - 1 SS - crashed on landing Cranwell North.


3rd April 2008, 16:19

Rawlings JA aged 18 registered at Aylesbury


Henk Welting
3rd April 2008, 16:44
..........what means no connection to the proposed Wallace ?


John Larder
4th April 2008, 23:10
John Rawlings is described as an Apprentice and his number shows he was part of the 39th entry, started at Halton January 1939 so looks like natural causes or training accident.

Martyn A Critchlow
24th April 2017, 23:21
RAWLINGS.—John Alton (R.A.F.), died Sept. 28th (accidently), age 18. loving son of John (Jack) and Enid Rawlings. Willerby

Tuesday 01 October 1940, Hull Daily Mail, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.


24th April 2017, 23:50
The Bucks Herald of October 4th 1940 reported that the Coroner recorded an open verdict into the death of Rawlings, who was 'found dead in a shower bath at the barrack room at the camp, suspended by a towel around his neck from a clothes hook on the wall.'

It also reported that 'the Coroner remarked that there was no evidence before him to indicate under what circumstances the deceased youth met his death, nor any evidence as to the state of his mind at the time.'



17th May 2021, 18:14
Thomas Arthur McNulty 535477 , attached to 6 Squadron , on detachment at Quasaba, became seriously ill on 26th September and died of bacillary dystentry

24th September 2021, 19:50
Fraser Nimmo 552519, attached to 22 MU, was seriously injured in a road accident in Carlisle on 27 September and was admitted to the City and General hospital, where he died at 23:50 hours of a fractured of the base of the skull

28th October 2021, 21:28
Cecil Gordon Mons Leaver 1257863 , attached to Number 10 SFTS, was killed on the 27th September( not 28 September as per CWGC ) In a road accident at Potterspury, Northampton

Alex Smart
1st April 2022, 22:55

400928 - Unaccounted Airmen - 28-09-1940

From Henk's List -

McNULTY, Thomas Arthur - Lac - 535447 - RAF - 6 Sqn.
El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt.
Fell ill on the 26th,died of Bacillary Dystentry.

LEAVER, Cecil Gordon Mons - AC2c - 1257863 - RAFVR.
Bristol (Canford) Cemetery, Gloucestershire.
Died in a road accident on the 27th.(CWGC has 28th ?).

NIMMO, Frraser - AC1c - 552519 - RAF.
Wigtown Cemetery, Wigtownshire.
Injured in a Road accident on the 27thdied in hospital of a fracture of the base of the skull.
[Henk had this airman as 20th, but with the service number of AC1c Walter Webb, 846574, and 909 Balloon Sqn].

RAWLINGS, John Alton - Apprentice - 575773 - RAF.
Halton (St.Michael) Churchyard, Buckinghamshire.
Found dead in a shower bath in Barracks, suspended by a towel around his neck from a cloths hook on the wall.

From CWGC -

HALL, John Robert - Sgt - 740620 - RAFVR.
REA, John - P/O - 42647 - RAF.
These two airmen rest at Heverlee War Cemetery, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium.
They were crew of Wellington Ic - L7843 - 214 Sqn.

BROOKER, Sydney George - Sgt - 751046 - RAFVR.
GLADWIN, Kenneth Bruce - Sgt - 745498 - RAFVR.
HARDY, Leonard William - Sgt - 522533 - RAF.
MILSOM, Edward John - Sgt - 967453 - RAFVR.
WOODS, Jack - Sgt - 940148 - RAFVR.
These five airmen rest at Schoonselhof Cemetery, Antwerpen, Belgium.
They were crew of Wellington Ic - T2505 - 9 Sqn.

THEOBALD, Donald James - Lac - 4644 - RCAF.
Lethbridge (Mountain View)Cemetery, Alberta, Canada.
Fell off the wing of an aircraft that had force landed and drowned.

BENDELL, John Reginald - F/Lt - 39409 - RAF.
Lanriec Communal Cemetery, Finisterre, France.
MASSON, Charles Frederick - Sgt - 622651 - RAF.
Fouesnant Communal Cemetery, Finisterre, France.
MACNAUGHTON, John Allan - Sgt - 522280 - RAF.
WOOLNOUGH, Cyril Kenneth - Sgt - 565451 - RAF.
These two airmen rest at Tregunc Communal Cemetery, Finisterre.
These four airmen were crew of Beaufort I - N1149 - 42 Sqn.

BROWN, Percy Sharp - Sgt - 755766 - RAFVR.
EMENO, Lionel Burton - F/O - 41160 - RAF.
HEATH, James William Clarke - Sgt - 519449 - RAF.
MACDONALD, John Norman - Sgt - 524731 - RAF.
These four airmen were crew of Hudson I - P5129 - 269 Sqn.

GORE, William Ernest - F/Lt - 90279 - RAF (AAF) - DFC.
Hurricane I - P3108 - 607 Sqn.

IRVING, Maurice Milne - F/Lt - 90277 - RAF (AAF).
Hurricane I - R4189 - 607 Sqn.

LITTLE, Ronald - Sgt - 754893 - RAFVR.
Hurricane I - N2400 - 238 Sqn

The seven airmen named above are all commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.

SNOOKE, Dudley Delacourtte - P/O - 42366 - RAF.
Scampton (St.John the Baptist) Churchyard, Lincolnshire.
Hampden I - P4392 - 83 Sqn.

BANN, Samuel Eric - Sgt - 741589 - RAFVR.
Macclesfield Cemetery, Cheshire.
Hurricane I - V6776 - 238 Sqn.

HARRISON, David Stewart - P/O - 83290 - RAFVR.
Tangmere (St.Andrew) Churchyard, Sussex.
Hurricane I - P3836 - 238 Sqn.

HARROLD, Frederick Cecil - P/O - 42707 - RAF.
Cherry Hinton (St.Andrew) Churchyard, Cambridgeshire.
Hurricane I - P3417 - 501 Sqn.

CROFTS, Peter Guerin - F/O - 33381 - RAF.
Tilford (All Saints) Churchyard, Surrey.
Hurricane I - V6699 - 605 Sqn.

BOYLE, John Greer(Canadian) - F/O - 40204 - RAF.
Lynsted (SS.Peter and Paul) New Churchyard, Kent.
Spitfire I - X4426 - 41 Sqn.

MACDONALD, Harold Kennedy - F/Lt - 90193 - RAF (AAF).
Edinburgh (Warriston) Crematorium, Edinburgh.
Spitfire I - L1076 - 603 Sqn.

SMITH, Donald Sydney - F/O - 40859 - RAF.
Highley (St.Mary) Churchyard, Shropshire.
Spitfire I - R6702 - 616 Sqn.(27th, pilot died of wounds ).

CAMP, Hermann - GAF.
Felixstowe New Cemetery, Suffolk.

SCHUER, Fritz - GAF.
Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire.

Cause of death of these two German airmen ?


1st April 2022, 23:12
THEOBALD, Donald James - Lac - 4644 - RCAF.
Lethbridge (Mountain View)Cemetery, Alberta, Canada.
Fell off the wing of an aircraft that had force landed and drowned.

Aircraft crashed into the Fort Anne Basin (Nova Scotia). Theobald walked out on the wing and slipped on a patch of oil.

The pilot, C766 F/Lt Brock Wylie of Estevan, Saskatchewan grabbed two lifejackets and jumped into the water. He reached Theobald who accepted the lifejacket but then lost it and owing to a strong current disappeared. He wasn't buried in Lethbridge, Alberta until 30 October following a long search.

F/Lt Wylie (http://https://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/memorials/canadian-virtual-war-memorial/detail/2623192), now a Squadron Leader was lost 3 June 1941 while on convoy patrol.



21st May 2023, 07:44

Bf 109E-1 (6273) of 3/JG26 was shot by Pilot Officer J.S. Morton of 603 Squadron and Pilot Officer C.F. Currant of 605 Squadron during combat over Hythe at 10.45. The aircraft crashed into the Sea off Dover. Fw Fritz Schür killed and his body was washed ashore at Sheerness on 27 October 1940.

Ju 88A-1 (4071) 5J+GS of 8/KG4 was shot down by anti-aircraft fire at 10.00 whilst on a mission to bomb London. Aircraft crashed into the Sea off Beachy Head. Gefr F. Marschardt baled out and rescued, Oberfw H. Camp was killed with his body recovered from the Sea and buried in Felixstowe New Cemetery, Lt F. Lange and Obergefr A. Kieg were both missing believed killed.

Battle of Britain day by day https://ksaviation.co.uk/?page_id=15384