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24th November 2012, 08:25
Trying to find out more on F/O Nunn who died 8/2/1945 in Burma. Family notes that he was shot down, but I have been unable to find any record of Spitfire shot down in this area on that day so far.


24th November 2012, 14:24

162323 F/O (Pilot) John James NUNN RAFVR, is recorded in "The Times", Friday, July 13, 1945. p.7 thus:

ROYAL AIR FORCE - Killed in Action - Nunn, Flg. Off. J. J.

No mention in Christopher Shores', Air War for Burma.


24th November 2012, 23:37
Many thanks.


25th November 2012, 02:38

A possibility for F/O J J DUNN:

No.273 Sqn
Spitfire LF.VIII MD227

Engine cut, force-landed and hit tent, Kyaukpyu*, Burma. FACE. S.O.C. 13-3-45.


* Saturday, 27 January 1945. In the Arakan area 273 squadron flew down to Ramree Island to land at Kyaukpyu on the northern tip of the island, from where it would now operate. The unit now began carrying bombs under the bellies of its Spitfire VIIIs, together with 67 and 8 IAF Squadrons.

See: Air War for Burma/Shores. p.318.


9th December 2012, 07:49
Many thanks for this information


18th January 2013, 11:00
Hi Dave
Just got some photos from Germany from the crash site of his his brother Charles who was in the Lancaster DV329 flown by my great uncle
Cant find you email address but if you get hold of me at:
bigf "at" techemail "dot" com then i will send you them.
Cheers Fred

28th January 2013, 09:57
I ahve left a private message for you in the site.
Let me know mate
Cheers Fred

30th March 2013, 16:33
I have at last found out how to get into the forum and be able to post.

I am the nephew of John James Nunn and of Charles Nunn who I believe was shot down over Germany in 1943.

John known as Jackie was shot down by ground fire whilst on a strafing mission. This was told to me by his fellow pilot , Hughie Yorston, an Orkney islander, who was following Jackie in the mission and saw him hit and crash to the ground.

I tried to send email messages to Kiwi and Bigf. I also tried Colonel Buggy? but did not allow me to.

I would really like to hear from you Kiwi as you seem to be a relation I have no knowledge of , and I would like to see the pictures of the crash site of Charles in Germany.

Bill Craig
son of Muriel Craig, sister to John and Charles.