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21st December 2012, 17:09
While I was researching the crew of Lancaster W4270 that crashed at Staunton in the Vale on 18th February 1943 I found out that the original five man core came together at 19 OTU. I thus went to Kew to access records pertaining to their time there. One volume proved to be a gold mine for anyone searching for images of their loved ones or subjects of research. AIR 29/663 is a photo Album containing photos of all the courses that passed through the unit between 1940 and 1945. Most photos are taken in groups by trade. Should you make use of this file take plenty of tissues, you will need them. Good luck to all researching 19 OTU crews.

16th July 2013, 15:01
I am interested in researching my relation who trained as a pilot (P/O Geoffrey King) at 19 OTU (possibly Course No. 37) as two of his crew were on the Air Bomber and Observer Courses No 37.

Do you have to register to look at the records at Kew? Or can you just turn up and view them?

Geoff King (Researchingreg)

16th July 2013, 16:02
Their website should explain what you need to know.