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30th December 2012, 15:32
From Air Britain History of 105 Sqn
" on 5th November (1938) when Sergeant Bowles had an engine failure. Corporal (M) Bennett and LAC (A) Jones baled out and landed safely near Hagbourne. Sergeant Bowles stayed with the aircraft and tried to land it at Harwell, but hit a tree after overshooting and crashed. He was concussed but soon returned to the flying programme."

This is K9196 which the AB Battle File and K Serials has on 8th November 1938. Airframe to 1196M

As AB 105 History (though published earlier) probably taken from ORB can anyone confirm the correct date for me? I strongly suspect from other sources that the first date is correct and published history wrong but would like confirmation.

PS Strongly suspect Sgt Bowles is Sgt C Bowles of 105 Sqn but would like full names of crew if possible

Martin Gleeson
31st December 2012, 00:56
Hallo Paul,

The 105 Sqn. ORB records the 8th November 1938 as the crash date, with the crew as Sgt. C. Bowles, Cpl. M.H. Bennett (Obs) and LAC A.G. Jones (WOp/AG). No service numbers unfortunately.

Using the 105 Sqn. Appendices I find a 'Sgt. Bowles' several times between April and August 1940. Only once or twice as 580170 Sgt. C. Bowles. Using AIR 78 he appears as Cyril Bowles.

Bennett is somewhat similar. There was a 'Sgt. Bennett' in April 1940 (Appendices). Later he is listed as 562013 Sgt. Bennett. In AIR 78 he is shown as Maurice Herbert Bennett.

Jones I gave up ! At least eight 'Jones' served with 105 Squadron during 1940 (Corp./LAC/AC). I could not find initials for all their service numbers so could not go any further, but did not find a match.

Hope this helps,


31st December 2012, 09:22
Martin thank you ever so much I have more info than I could have hoped for and at least you have confirmed the date for me.

Jones will have to remain a mystery for now but at least I have his full initials

Happy New Year to you and all the rest of you to inhabit this place


6th November 2017, 16:08

Now Suspect LAC A 'G' Jones

Is actually Alexander Egerton Jones 531577 who was with 105 Sqn since reformed in April 1937 and was killed in Battle I L4980 26th March 1940 as Cpl W/op AG