View Full Version : Plane vs tug on Seine river - Summer 1944

6th April 2008, 15:07
Hello all,
I am seeking for details about an allied air attack in July or August 1944 over Caumont and La Bouille, at a few kilometers in the West of Rouen. It appears that the German were building a V1 rocket launch site near Caumont and they had built a small pier on the Seine river. In July 1944 they had also built a railway between Grand Couronne (Rouen) and Bas Caumont (Caumont). As far as I know allied planes had to attack every ships running on the Seine river. A friend of mine found the wreck of a little tug in Caumont and we think that she might have been sunk during July or August 1944, perhaps during a Roastead operation (or why not a Noball operation). We think that this tug was used by the German in their V1 launch site building plan.
Can someone be of some help ?
Thanks a lot,