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25th January 2013, 13:37
Not sure if this is a policy document on what can or cannot be published or the equivalent of the Air Force List.

Can anyone going to Kew in the next month or so pull this file and tell us what the content is on this thread ?

AIR 2/4739

FOREIGN AND ALLIED AIR FORCES (Code B, 92): Polish Air Force list: publication



25th January 2013, 13:50
Hi Ross, I have added this reference to my Feb-Mar 2013 list if it will be still actual.


bruce dennis
25th January 2013, 16:10
Hi Ross, I will probably be there next Friday, will look at it then. Do you need anything in particular while I have the file out?


25th January 2013, 16:36
Cheers Bruce,

Interested to know if the contents are in the style of RAF Air Force Lists for Commissioned Officers. I've come across a few hints that such copies existed for Polish and Czech Air Force Officers serving under RAF service numbers but I've yet to find one.

I was doing a list of RAF Forms for the reference section and was looking to see if the TNA held a copy of AP 113 to fill in the gaps when I came across the AIR2 entry by accident.

This is the best snapshot (1945) I've found yet for Czech officers

AIR 2/6919

RESERVE AND AUXILIARY FORCES (Code B, 66): Nominal roll of officers, R.A.F.V.R. (Czechoslovak): repatriated or to be repatriated to Czechoslovakia or demobilised elsewhere


25th January 2013, 16:51
Hi Ross, yes I saw this list last time I have been in TNA.
There are some small inaccuracies but in general it is useful source.


2nd February 2013, 18:40
Bruce has done me proud with this request.

He has produced proof that at least three different Polish Air Force Lists survive in the TNA.

They are in the format of the RAF Air Force Lists giving Branch, full name, personal number (if PAF this is given - if not then the RAFVR one), PAF rank, RAF rank and seniority in both services.

As with the RAF ones they cover officers only.

Down to dates:

March and August 1941 are in AIR 2/4739


October 1943 in AIR 10/3843

Best of all is confirmation that AMCO (Air Ministry Confidential Orders) contain similar Air Force Lists for Czech officers. Just need to follow that crumb trail through the AMCOs.

Anyone wanting copies please drop an PM to Bruce - I'm sure his rate will be well worth the info.