View Full Version : River Tay Crash 18th June 1934 - F/O (Sub Lt) R J Cooper 810 Sqn Blackburn Dart ID?

22nd February 2013, 15:35
This is one of my mystery bale outs - The aircrfat that crashed into the River Tay on 18th June 1934 has been unknown to me for over 2 years. It is not Identified either in
"Whittaker, I G (1998) Off Scotland: a comprehensive record of maritime and aviation losses in Scottish waters, Edinburgh"

Ross may already know of it..

The pilot was Sub Lieut. (F/O) Reginald John Cooper and the aircraft was recovered by the barge Charles Barrie to Dundee Harbour where teh wreckage was collected by RAF lorry and taken to RAF Leuchars

Found a newspaper report from the time which identifies it as a Blackburn Dart of 810 Sqn. Can anyone now ID an aircraft that might fit the bill for this loss

Many Thnaks

Paul McMillan

23rd February 2013, 10:20
The information contained in Whittaker's "Off Scotland" for aircraft losses was lifted verbatim from Air Britain Serials and Ray Sturtivant's excellent Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939-1945. When helping Ray with his book my friend and I did ommit some exact Lat. Longs. of losses at sea, as some are still war graves, this was to prevent fellow divers from destroying what was left. Checked my files for the Dart but no joy, do have an Audax in the Pentland hills 4 days earlier though.


23rd February 2013, 14:59
Just found the News paper reports from the Glasgow Herald and Scotsman but there are no clues as to the serial number.

23rd February 2013, 19:45
Alan thanks there is a picture in Dundee courier