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Henk Welting
11th April 2008, 11:55
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

Sgt (Pilot) Leslie KENDRAY - 754429 - not found Flight archives;
Sgt (Pilot u/t) LINDSEY, George N. - 748417 - killed on active service;
F/O Henry J. RAYMOND - 70564 - not found Flight archives, and
AC2 John W. SMITH - 1154949 - not found Flight archives.

Luftwaffe attacked aerodrome Penrhos.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Flamingo - T5357 - 24 Sqn - damaged byond repair; no further details
Hurricane I - L1705 - 6 OTU - crashed in forced landing near Sutton Bridge
Lysander III - T1428 - A&AEE - crashed in forced landing Preston near Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Master I - N7535 - 8 FTS - flew into ground 5 miles S of Montrose
Oxford I - R5950 - 2 FTS (FIS ?) - collided with Wallace K6030 over Cranwell ('For Your Tomorrow' [Errol Martyn] on R5950: F/O [Pilot/Instr.] M.J. BERRY - 40877 [RAF/NZ] and another airman killed).

Regards and thanks for your help.

11th April 2008, 13:42
Hello Henk

Kendray at Sleaford and probably associated with one of the Cranwell incidents.

Lindsey at Edzell and associated with Master N7715, also killed in this a/c Kenneth Robinson.

Raymond at Coventry, no suggestion

Smith, there are 15 John W Smiths registered, with five of them being of the right age.



Henk Welting
11th April 2008, 15:00
Thanks Dave.
Perhaps Errol has info on KENDRAY because also an NZ-airman was involved in Oxford R5950.
LINDSEY was - as far as I know - sole occupant on N7715. I don't have Kenneth ROBINSON as a casualty on 4-10-1940.

11th April 2008, 19:15
Lindsey was the sole occupant of N7715 as it was recorded as that in the ORB.

October 3rd 1940, “Master aircraft N7715 stalled and was burnt out at Edzell whilst night
flying No.748417 Sergeant Lindsey, No.22 Course, the sole occupant was killed.”

John Larder
11th April 2008, 20:21
Kenneth Robinson Killed 12/9/40 (CWGC)

Errol Martyn
11th April 2008, 23:56

The crew of two, Berry and Kendray, killed in the crash of Oxford R5950.

The crew of two, Sqn Ldr Eberhardt and LAC Fleming, killed in Wallace K6030.


12th April 2008, 09:53

I have a copy of the death register for Edzell District which has the names of Robinson and Lindsey consecutively. The writing is hard to read but I can confirm Robinson's death on 12th September (recorded 13th). Apologies for misleading. This means that Robinson was killed in the crash of Master N7819 at Edzell.



Henk Welting
12th April 2008, 11:10
Thanks all for your help; much appreciated.
Have a good weekend,

9th November 2008, 15:41
CWGC does not shown any Eberhardt being killed at all so maybe he survived the collision.


Henk Welting
10th November 2008, 14:10
Karol EBERHARDT was Polish Air Force and killed.


10th November 2008, 16:39
Hi All
Karol Eberhardt's death age 40, is registered at Sleaford,Lincolnshire in 4th Qtr 1940 and he is buried in a CWGC grave in Cranwell(St Andrew) Churchyard. As non-commonwealth aircrew in an exiled Air Force he will not appear on the CWGC website

9th June 2009, 21:59
Sgt L KENDRAY - 754420 - KOAS in Flight Mag Nov 7 40; note his s/n ends in 0

Computer is acting the pig here and causing me problems, can't find the Raymond or Smith.

Henk Welting
16th June 2009, 17:10
Thanks Dennis for confirmation KOAS for KENDRAY and correction on servicenumber.

Martyn A Critchlow
26th April 2017, 08:45
AC2 John W. SMITH - 1154949
Smith regd in Lancaster, shown below is the three nearest to his age, 24.

John W Smith abt 1911 Dec 1940 Paddington London
John W Smith abt 1916 Dec 1940 Lancaster Lancashire
John W Smith abt 1921 Dec 1940 Cleveland Yorkshire North Riding


Martyn A Critchlow
26th April 2017, 08:50
F/O Henry J. RAYMOND - 70564
After meeting the girl to whom he had been engaged with other R.A.F. officers in an hotel, Flying - Officer Henry James Raymond shot himself, it was disclosed at the Coventry inquest yesterday. A verdict of Suicide while of unsound mind’’ was recorded.

Tuesday 08 October 1940, Birmingham Daily Gazette, West Midlands, England

21st September 2017, 15:47

AC2 John W. SMITH - 1154949 - John Walter Smith. The Morecambe Guardian of October 12th 1940 reported the following snippet:

Aged 24, a member of the Royal Air Force, John Walter Smith died at Morecambe last Friday. He was buried on Monday.



24th September 2021, 20:12
John Storrar Donaldson 1006560 , attached to Number 1 AACU, died of gunshot wounds sustained at Aberffraw at 14:12 hours

14th April 2022, 23:55
John Walter Smith 1154949 , attached to Number 7 Recruits Centre, was admitted seriously ill to RAF Hospital , Morecombe on 21 September, where he died of miliary tuberculosis

14th April 2022, 23:59
Joseph Strong 997481 , attached to 13 OTU , died in RAF Hospital, Halton , of an intestinal obstruction

Alex Smart
16th April 2022, 01:13

401004 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-10-1940

From Henk's List -

DONALDSON, John Storrar - AC2c - 1006560 - RAFVR.
Glasgow (Eastwood) Cemetery, Glasgow.
Died of gunshot wounds sustained at Aberffraw.

RAYMOND, Henry James - F/O - 70564 - RAF (RAFO).
Birmingham (Perry Barr) Crematorium, Warwickshire.
Shot himself.

SMITH, Ernest - Lac - 307747 - RAF.
Bradford (Bowling) Cemetery, Yorkshire.
Killed when hit by a car then run over by a van travelling immediately behind the car in the blackout.

SMITH, John Walter - AC2c - 1154949 - RAFVR.
Ilford (St.Mary) Churchyard, Essex.
Died at Morecambe ?

STRONG, Joseph - AC2c - 997481 - RAFVR.
Dalston Burial Ground, Cumberland.
Cause of death ?

From CWGC -

BERRY, Michael Joseph - F/O - 40877 - RAF.
Cranwell (St.Andrew) Churchyard, Lincolnshire.
KENDRAY, Leslie - Sgt - 754420 - RAFVR.
Thornaby-On-Tees Cemetery, Yorkshire.
These two airmen were crew of Oxford - R5950 - 2 FTS.

EBERHARDT, Karol - Major - PAF - 1 S S.
Cranwell (St.Andrew) Churchyard, Lincolnshire.
FLEMING, James Percival - Lac - 746992 - RAFVR.
Whilton(St.Andrew) Churchyard, Northamptonshire.
These two airmen were crew of Wallace II - K6030 - 1 S S.

GILLIES, Kenneth McLeod - F/Lt - 37799 - RAF.
Thornton Garden of Rest, Lancashire.
Spitfire Ia - X4320 - 66 Sqn.

LINDSEY, George Norman - Sgt - 748417 - RAFVR.
Mansfield Woodhouse Cemetery, Nottinghamshire.
Master I - N7715 - 8 SFTS.

BAUER, Heinz - GAF.
DIESEROTH, Heinrich - GAF.
GRAF, Justus - GAF.
HOLZER, Johann - GAF.
KOLB, Rudolf - GAF.
REINELT, Walter - GAF.
TSCHOEP, Willibald - GAF.
WINTER, Fritz - GAF.
ZINGEL, Hans Hugo - GAF.
These twelve Germany Airmen rest at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery, Staffordshire.
Cause of death ?


16th April 2022, 08:25
I've added all October 1940, bar one chap I'm trying to find a little more detail on his accidental death

16th April 2022, 14:41



40877 F/O (Pilot Instr.) Michael Joseph BERRY RAF, was New Zealander in the RAF. Berry and Kendray's Oxford I, R5950, belonged to No.2 Flying Instructors' School, Cranwell, not 2 FTS. See: FYT1/97 and FYT3/88.


Andy Marden
18th April 2022, 14:44
Again from Kracker archive:

BAUER, Heinz - GAF. >> Crew of He111H-2 5586/V4+FW of 5./KG1, shot down over Sussex.
BLASIUS, Kurt - GAF. >> Crew of He111H-3 5609/1H+EL of 3./KG26 which crashed into North Sea
DIESEROTH, Heinrich - GAF. >> Crew of Ju88A-1 6156/F1+LP of 6./KG76, shot down over Essex
GRAF, Justus - GAF. >> Crew of Ju88A-1 6156/F1+LP as above
HILDEBRANDT, Emil - GAF. >> Crew of He111H-2 5586/V4+FW of 5./KG1 as above
HOLZER, Johann - GAF. >> Crew of Ju88A-1 6156/F1+LP as above
KOLB, Rudolf - GAF. >> Crew of Ju88A-1 6156/F1+LP as above
REINELT, Walter - GAF. >> Crew of He111H-3 5609/1H+EL as above
SCHOEFFMANN, Peter - GAF. >> crew of Ju88A-1 6116/L1+EP of 6./LG1, shot down off Jury's Gap
TSCHOEP, Willibald - GAF. >> Crew of He111H-2 5586/V4+FW of 5./KG1 as above
WINTER, Fritz - GAF. >> Crew of He111H-3 5609/1H+EL as above
ZINGEL, Hans Hugo - GAF. >> Crew of He111H-3 5609/1H+EL as above